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Frenemies In Ny


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We arrived to the north shore of Lake Oneida just a few feet from the lake shore.

More about that location in an upcoming NACA.

Monday afternoon we scouted the area down around Baldwinsville and Dog Park. We paid a visit to the nearest thing to a carp store in the area - Mickeys Bait and Tackle and picked up some promising Carp Candy boilies.

Tuesday, was a meeting of CAG members at Dog park. Previous postings have exposed how they treat out of towners. :lol:

Wednesday we were on our own. As we, sorry I meant Franklin, had caught fish at dog park we returned and moved down river where we could net easier. Maybe not a good decision, based upon the carp lost, lines cut and tackle lost over the rest of the week.


One thing for sure I REALLY got bored watching this:


I took pictures of, at least, 43 carp he landed. I'm guessing he lost 10-15 to slipped hooks and 5-10 to snags and cut lines (?? zebra mussels). Most of our fish were from Mosquito Larvae, but don't tell anyone as we were pretty well assured that NY carp don't like it.

Wednesday and Thursday were VERY windy. I was very happy that I had brought along a bivvy from Resistance Tackle. It handled 37-40 mph winds easily.


Franklins Sportbrella also did a nice job. They ARE worth the $40.


I didn't put a LOT of carp on the shore as I prefer to go for "quality" versus "quantity". (Not that I object to LOTS of quality fish.) :rolleyes:

Early on Wednesday I put a 27 on the bank. This was done as a double with Franklins "decent" carp. ;)


Not to long after the 27+, I managed a new personal best mirror which weighed in at 22.2. (When that fish hit the bank I would have gladly quit fishing for the rest of the trip.)


I managed another decent common that went 24+


However, it didn't hold a candle to Franklins 30.5. I think it is worth showing one more time.


Other than a short piece for NACA this closes out our trip to NY. I think we hit it at a very good time. They were really biting ... (even on mosquito larvae and a few on pineapple).


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Nice job Craig and Franklin! We were just north of you in chaumont for the first couple days of your trip...the fish were playing hard to get but we figured them out in the end...somewhat. :lol:

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Congrats Gentlemen!!!!!!! Those are some Great looking fish that you caught and seemingly a Good time doing it! Well Done to you both! :yourock::yourock:


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When I lived in Liverpool that spot on the point is where I always fished but I never had problems with snags aparently something new is in there. Glad to see you guys landed some quality fish. How did the carp candy boilies work for ya?

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