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Who Ran Down The Road

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Which of these have I seen in the last 6 weeks?

A. The dog picked up the ball and ran down the road.

B. The driver picked up the hitchhiker and ran down the road.

C. The Carp picked up the Carrot and ran down the road.

D. All of the above.

"D" is the correct answer. The Columbia is higher than I have ever seen it since I have been fly fishing for Carp. I have fly fished since 1971 and have chased Carp on the fly since 2004. I was really only somewhat aware of the water level in the Columbia until I started frequenting it. There is so much water coming down that river, just so darn much water! The water is spilling into places it just doesn't usually go.

I caught this Carp in a wheel rut. He picked up the Carp Carrot and ran down the road. Literally, he ran down the road.


This is not a wheel rut that has been submerged for decades due to the damning of the river. This is a wheel rut that people drive on. Regularly.

The two lighter parts in this picture are the wheel ruts. I caught Carp on the Carrot and on a Rubber Leg Hare's Ear right on this road.


What a different, crazy, amazing, Carp season! I am fishing places I have parked my Carpwagon in seasons past. Having the water be so high is unsettling. We currently have some record snow pack. The prospect of rain on melting snow could mean some dangerous flooding in the weeks to come. I'm having fun looking for new places to Carp fish and looking differently at old places to find fish literally in fields and on roads.

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It's always amazing to see images like that. Keep that camera handy, I'm sure you'll find more to show that's not the norm.

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Guest phonebush

Mr P,

And to think the Texas panhandle area is having a record dry spell. Worst since 1934.


(always like your photos and write-ups)

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