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Nigel Griffin

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Hey Guys, .. recently Nigel was fishing a spot on the Ct river for a few days. On the first day he caught six fish (mostly teens) on the second day he had about 20 fish with several of them over 20 lbs .. he also lost what felt like a "large" fish !On the third day he had a session of a life time with fish in the upper 20s, a couple of 30s and these two brutes below....





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What a brace !! two fortys !!!... he caught the first one just before 10am and put it in a keep sack, he then caught and released another fish ... Within 10 mins he had the second 40 on and in the net not long after !!

.. post-243-0-67919800-1307932992_thumb.jpg

the small one 40lbs-4ozs :)


This fish weighs 41lbs-8ozs

After a lot of encouragement from friends a reluctant Nigel will more than likley hold the Ct state record !

Well done that man !

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Well done Nigel,,,,,you deserve that and more for all you have given to the sport,,,,and this club.......well done !!

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This is an outstanding accomplishment folks!

Nigel is a great guy and a true carp-fishing pioneer in this country. He deserves a lot of credit for promoting the sport.

I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back. I would love to catch up with him and the CT crew in the near future.

Congratulations for these beasts and all his work!


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That is the type of outing that DREAMS are made of. Congrats to him on the Fantastic Captures!!!! Nigel, :yourock::yourock::yourock: !!!


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