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Hudson River Spring Recap

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Haven't made a report in quite a while, so I thought I would add to the slew of Hudson River Threads popping up lately.

After getting out in late march and early april fishing, I had about a month of no fishing while moving into a new place. Once the second week of May rolled around I finally got some free time to get out and do some Carpin'.

After getting skunked for 3 days straight on a local big fish puddle I headed over to my favorite Hudson spot

And this place was LOADED with fish!! Fishing was tough though with the high water and 4 oz leads barely held bottom. But slowly they started coming to the net

(5-13-11) 9 fish total for the day all caught on my 2 year old tiger nuts.

Big fish of the day 20 lb. 1 oz.


And got the ever so rare Hudson Mirror Carp (and New Mirror PB) 14 lbs



Headed back the next day to fish the same spot, but it was occupied by a couple guys not catching pike, so I went a hundred yards upstream and set up at "The Shopping Cart" swim

Another good day with 9 fish landed, and even had a "repeat customer"

This guy was my first and last fish of the day


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2 and a half hours later he made a second appearance, the second time he basically put up no fight and I just dragged him right in. Obviously dissapointed with himself for falling for my bait a second time



Then the rains came back and the river was flooded once again, but I decided to give it another try a week later. Decided to fish a different spot not far from the others I call "The Wall". Landed 6 fish in 2 hours before the tide rushed in made it unfishable.

Most fish were the average size (15-18 lbs) except the last 2.

Just before I was about to leave I had a run and landed this fish at 23 lbs even


Landed this fish, netted, set on the mat. Other Rod SCREAMS off. Picked up the other rod, it was another good fish. Set rod down, flipped baitrunner, unhooked fish in net, removed fish from net, put fish in sling. Picked up other rod, fish still tearing out line!! Fish in sling jumps around and almost falls back in water, put rod down, flips baitrunner, puts fish back in sling, picks rod back up, fish in the middle of the river now,after a few minutes I FINALLY land other fish......

23 lb 7 oz


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Got done early from work and decided to head over for a few hours

Things got pretty crazy, I landed 14 fish in 4 hours. And more than once I had 2 fish hit at the same time


Then I finally got what i was looking for, 30 lb 15 oz

My second Hudson River 30 lber, a couple kids were walking by and offered to take a couple pics


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The pics didn't come out perfect, so i sent them to my buddy Joel and he did a little photoshoppin. Came out pretty sweet



Hoping to get back into some bigger fish i headed back a few days later, and the place was still loaded with fish.

Landed 22 fish in 6 hours with the big fish of the day this OBESE pregnant 26 lb 2 oz'er

All fish that day were HAULED in on K-1 Juicy Tutti Fruity Corn



Got the holiday off from work and decided.....well, to go fishing.....

It was a hot Sun-burny kinda day, temp near 90 and fish still everywhere

Landed 31 fish in 10 hours

No monsters that day, but got a couple over 20 lbs

21 lb 6 oz


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and got another little 10 lb mirror that did a great 30 lber impression



Fished 5 hours in the morning, Landed 12 carp on K-1 Juicy Tutti Fruity Corn


No monsters again, but i got the chance to try and get some release shots with my underwater camera. Which is not easy when fishing by yourself.

I was able to get my new PB baseball hat though....


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Another quick session, 4 hours, 8 carp

A pair of 18's


And the big fish of the day at 21 lb 1 oz


All in all I have had an incredible spring with over a hundred carp coming in about a months time, and my second hudson 30+

Now.... I'm off to look for that 40

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Thanks everybody, it was a spring to remember!!

Awesome Spring SM! Our beloved Huddy has been on-fire from North to South!! B)

Congrats on a great spring, another 30 and your PB hat :lol:

Thanks CC, the Hudson is an incredible river with a few monsters mixed in here and there. The great thing about the river is you never know what the next fish (or hat ;) ) is going to be

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excellent hauling there greg. really nice looking river fish that will hopefully be putting a bend in my rods too come september.

Thanks Andrew, I'm sure your host will put you on some nice fish. The Hudson River Brawlers are a great time and put up a great fight!!

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