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This is carpcatcher's brother in-law (carpfan) from Indiana. I'll be there as long as the wives have money to go shopping while we fish! LOL

Start stocking up on the ground bait carpcatcher. I want the fish nice and fat when I start haul'in! Hope you Michigan boys don't mind this ol'Hoosier fishing with you. If it helps, I was grew up in Wayne, MI and moved to Indiana about 18 years ago. I'm still a Michigander at heart and I take alot of heat still rooting for the Lions. Atleast the Red Wings give me something to brag about! See you all in a few weeks.

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Where are we meeting and at what time exactly. There is a 50/50 chance I'm going. Would be nice to go to my first fish-in and meet some people who are interested in the sport!

Mark Locey is hosting the fish in. He will probably be chiming in with the details on how he wants to organize it. Last year we met at Blue Bell Beach off of Bray Rd in Flint. For you Derds, you are going to go south on 75 to 475 South. Get off at Carpenter Rd exit, and turn left (heading east). Stay on Carpenter until you get to Bray. Turn left on Bray and go north until you get to Bluebell Beach park. (If we end up meeting there)

Heres a look at the area.


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what time is draw and is Kev gonna be there?


We usually don't have draws. It's usually pick your spot in the order you get there. Fishing for the pin, and side pot starts at 10 and ends at 5pm. Feel free to show up early or stay later.

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