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Potential Ri Record Common Realeased

(RI) pickerd

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Well, I got the RI common of my dreams today in some rainy and nasty weather in a little known venue that I had only marginal success in the past. The huge common, a 33 lb. 2 oz. beast, was taken on scopex Pescaviva fished ahead of an oatmeal based method ball. The fish would have beaten the official RI record by over half a pound had I brought it to a tackle store with a certified scale (the only way to certify a state record here in RI). Bringing it to get it weighed would have meant certain death to the fish, so after a few pics, I released my prize. Maybe we will meet up again in a few years when she could tip the scales as a mid thirty. I got far more satisfaction seeing that fish swim away to freedom than I would have gotten from having my name in a record book. However, I do plan to enter this fish in the CAG record book since I did have two wintnesses. This was a common PB for me and my first 30 lb. common. It is also the biggest fish I have taken from my home waters of RI.


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Congrats to you on a Great Capture and for having the strength to release it rather than have it killed!!!!!! :yourock:


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