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Guest Richard Somerville

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Guest Richard Somerville

Well, I hear we have a $10,000 tournament after the ATC on Lake Fork!

42 hours of fishing; both Buffalo and Carp counting!

"Free" tagged fish pot, raising the possible winnings to $20,000!

Awesome for Carp fishing! especially in the Lonestar state!

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The tournament is being run by Wild Carp Companies and USCARPPRO magazine in association with the Lake Fork Sportsman's Association. Buffs and Carp count in this tournament.

Official announcement will be made within a couple of days but the dates are set for the week after the ATC and the tournament payout pot is $10,000. It's a team format event (two anglers plus an optional runner) with entry fees set at $400 for teams registered by midnight Dec 31, and $450 for registrants after that time.

We've worked hard to change the date so as not to clash with the ATC event. That way, anglers have the opportunity to fish both events if they want to.

Details of how to register, rules and competition formats will be available soon. I'll update the thread when the official announcement is made.This is gonna be HUGE for Carp fishing in the Lonestar state!!!!

One more little detail - there may be an additional $10,000 up for grabs on top of the prize money. We're planning to microtag two fish, one carp and one buff. Each fish is worth an additional $5000 for the first angler to catch them during the tourney. This is not yet set in stone but we have the insurance quotes to do it so if you catch the tagged carp and the tagged buff, you could walk away $10,000 better off in addition to the $10,000 prize pot on offer. There will not be an extra fee to enter the tagged fish competition - that will be part of the $400/$450 per-team entry fee.Just one more incentive for everyone to get out and fish it!!!!

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Tony Stout,KristineStout,Rick Slinker, and myself will be making that one as well as the ATC. See ya all there.

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