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Texas Carper

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:lol:::lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm pretty sure our President will be attending the event as well,,,,,,,He's never fished the Lake, but when it comes time for the odds to be published, he'll be right up there,,,,,,,,

Lady Bird should have some real "FATTIES" this time of year,,,,,and while they don't count in the tally BUFFALO at that time of year can be well into the mid to high 40's or better :D ought to give you a run for your money,,,,,,;)

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Guest carlymoomoo

True,everyone blanks at some point.It depends on the fish and the location more than anything.With luck you get the right peg both days and you have all the right things to catch.

I've only blanked twice at Lady Bird. Of course, I've only fished it three times...

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uh oh :o

Got an E mail from someone,,,,,

this guy is 1/2 of the team that will call themselves "BAD BOYS CARPING"

just waiting for the registration to come thru........better watch out,,,,,,,:o

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LBL is the only place I've caught 20s, including my current PB 27.5.

I blanked on commons the first five times I fished her, catching only a grasser.

The past few times, however, I've caught multiple 20s each time, and I feel multiple 30s coming to me in February!!!

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Its lookin might comfy here in my living room. I reckon Ill have to hang on to it for another year.

I have the perfect spot to put my (soon to be) trophy at my house. Thanks for holding on to it for me.

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Didn't the NORTH Kick our ARSES in the late 1800's ?? :o

Oh I see, a new Chapter :)

SAVE YOU DIXIE CUPS,,,,,,,,,,THE SOUTH WILL RISE :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well ??? the Confederate Carpers better get on a stick and start signing up,,,,,,,,,right now there are more Yankee teams,,,,,,:o

but I got a hundred bucks that says the South will take it :P


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The surrender at Lady Bird Lake! Were comming from the land of lincoln, he's got our back

Looking forward to fishing with everyone.

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