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This year, Score Cards will have areas to record Weight, length and girth,,,,( every registered team will be given a GAC linen tape measure to accomplish this :D ( a good way to check out the "NO SCALE" weight formula for accuracy ;)~8

The Formula:

    ((Girth x Girth) x Length) / 800 = weight in pounds
    (girth and length are inches)

Example: If the fish’s girth is 15 inches and its length is 29 inches, the formula would be used as follows:

    15 x 15 x 29, divided by 800 = 8.16 pounds
Then the ".16" or "16/100" is converted to ounces (multiply by 16)
    .16 x 16 = 2.56 or 3 ounces

so this fish is 8 pounds 3 ounces


Because Lady Bird Lake is the ONLY official CARP SANCTUARY in the State, and to my knowledge the ONLY CARP SANCTUARY in the United States :o

and they would like to have a base of Statistics for their records....

so....the score card will record:

type of fish--ie Common, Mirror, Koi, Buffalo

Weight of fish

Girth & length

Representatives from the Department----a biologist. will also be with me at PEG ZERO to answer questions from Passers by, about fishing, the lake, licenses ,etc, etc.....And I will be there with CAG brochures, and other goodies answering questions about the Event, the equipment, and the Club :o

As captures are made, they will be telephoned in to me, and I will relay them to the ON LINE KEEPSACK so we should have a pretty up to date accounting of the event,,,,

Thanks to August, for working with Marcus at the Department .......:) Marcus will join us at Banquet on Saturday evening, possibly along with the Mayor,:D

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