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Why Do We Do It?

Ol Captain

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Why do we do it?

As I looked at our “Team Shot” from yesterday’s adventure I pondered for a moment then I asked myself a question. I stared deeply into the faces of (from L-R) Maximus Relaximus (The Ultimate Carp Hound), Tim “Cool Dad” Gill, newcomer Sonny Legaspi and Jim “Hatman” Hatter and then I asked….”Why do we do it?”


Why is it that week after week, month after month and even year after year we continue to do what we sometimes refer to as Carpin’ with the Captain? What makes us get up early, spend gas money and our precious time to just go somewhere, sit in some chairs and stare for hours at times waiting on a fish to Properly Pull our pole down?



It is really a valid question. One I’m sure that our wives have asked many, many times.

I’m afraid it’s a bit like asking a bird why he flies or like asking the sun why he rises. Some of us go because we just enjoy the ride. We love the wind in our hair and the sun in our face……….



In order to fully understand the joy and the value of our adventures though I think we must first taste it for ourselves……….


It’s kinda like music, poetry or a beautiful work of art. Some see scribbles and notes on a page and others not only HEAR the music but they FEEL the music as well. Let me give you an example. Our new friend Sonny Legaspi is not only a fantastic angler and person but he is also an accomplished musician!! How do I know all this? I thought you’d never ask…………..

Sonny grew up fishing with his Dad who made a wonderful, positive and lasting impression on him. He has ridden the waves, been battered by the sea and he has reaped the rewards as you can see from a few of his Facebook pictures (that he gave me permission to borrow)




Not only does Sonny feel the music when he is fishing, he also feels it when he is playing. If you want a treat just check this out!!


Well, I’ve digressed a bit but it was worth it. We also actually do what we do in hopes of catching a fish or two. We love jabbing at each other and predicting who will catch fish and how one might out fish the other on a particular day. For instance yesterday it was all Cool Dad! His patent still pending “Plug of Perfection” reeked havoc on the boys at Overlook Park!! Here he is in all of his humility!! (Please note the follow through on Cool Dad’s release in the last photo).





We do what we do for many reasons. One of my favorite things is just sitting back and wondering just who might “come see us” on that particular day. It happened again yesterday afternoon. Tom Kent Sr. and I met several years ago at the auto auction. I knew immediately that this man was a man of faith and character. He has read our stories for some time now and was finally able to drop by and meet one of his personal heroes.


Tom, it was a blessing to see you again.

Why do we do it? I think Sonny Legaspi summed it up quite well in his song. It’s all about “Simple Pleasures”. Want to hear the music? Want to feel the wind and the sun? Want to get a “taste” of what we do and why we do it? It is indeed simple. Come see us!

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I have asked myself this very question over and over. I think theres something in Mr.Sonnys song that says it all. It is one of lifes Simple Pleasures. How neat would it be to spend time on the bank with this guy,around the campfire. Thanks for sharing Captain!!!

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Beautiful, just the time that we can Spend!!! That is it in a nutshell!


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