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The Odd, The Sad And The Ugly - Contest


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The Odd the Sad and the Ugly


It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find this particular saying most appropriate in the world of carp fishing. :carprock:

No other fish in the history of mankind has been depicted in art as much as our beloved carp. But let’s face it, there are some odd, sad, and ugly looking Cyprinoids that grace our nets on occasion; so odd looking, or in such sad shape, or so plain ole ugly that we just had to take a picture of it. :lol:

This contest is not a celebration of the bizarre; it is an acknowledgement of the resilience of our beloved Cyprinus Carpio, a true survivor!

So this month’s (February 2012) contest will be for a picture and description of that odd, sad or ugly carp you or your friend has caught. :swimminfish:

Entries will be accepted through Tuesday, Februrary 21th, followed by one week of voting.

The winner will be announced on February 29th and showered with gifts from the CAG store.

The top three finishers will receive a CAG iron on patch, a CAG tape measure and CAG mouse pad. The 1st place finisher will also receive a CAG T-Shirt of his choice.

On your mark- Get set- Go! Good luck to you all!

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It really was missing the tail, ther was this kid fishing with us evry time he was going to reel in his rod he was like oooo i keep geting hits ther must be something big playing with it after over 1h he decide to reel in and ther she was fish with out tail that was on his rod for over 1h

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Hey Bruce, my buddy Attila caught the brother of Adam's fish last week. We started laughing at the poor thing as soon as we got it in the net.


Now onto the fish that I'm entering into the contest. This fish has a special place in my heart because he looks hilarious and I caught him two times! The first time I caught him and saw his face I couldn't believe he fit my entire hair rig into his mouth. I had to get a picture of this fish and I figured if he was making a funny face I might as well do the same. Do we get bonus points in this contest if the angler is also ugly?


I caught this fish for a second time later that season during the spawn and lets just say he was happy to see me...so happy he left a present all over my mat. I figure none of the other carp ever mate with him and this is the most attention he's ever received.


Hopefully I'll see my old friend again at some point. Maybe he'll even find a fugly female carp someday and make the next generation of carp that make us laugh.

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Hmmmm which one to start with...

The 3/4 carp. This fella was caught by me a few years back and was a complete shock to me when he graced the net. I have no clue how he put up a good scrap with no tail. After a few pics, i set him loose and watched him struggle for a few minutes on the surface before finally getting the strength to go under once again and carry on with his disbility. I said to myself this fish will not make it...

Just last year, one of our local members is believed to have recaptured the 3/4 carp :toot:

Goes to show ya what a fighter these fish are :blammo:



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Another one caught by a friend in Quebec... Her name is Melanie (the angler, I mean!).


Funny thing is that Melanie's 'other half' caught an even uglier carp a few days later. Here is Daniel's catch...


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Here are a few more.

Helen Keller Carp:

This fish was fighting very weird and swam head first into a rock right by the shoreline. When I got it in the net I noticed it had no eyes! It wasn't a fresh wound either, both sockets were covered in skin just like the rest of the fish. I have no idea how this fish grew to 17 lbs without eyes. Sorry about the blood in the pic, but I couldn't stop the fish for head butting rocks on the way in.


Road Kill Carp:

This one looks like it got run over by a car.


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