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Last Minute Check List For The Atc

Neil Stern

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Please bring:

Texas fishing license

Landing mat ( one per team)

Keep Net

cell phone

a Camera ( we will do a slide show at the banquet, and hopefully have a CD of the event available for a reasonable amount after the event)

Scale ( one per team, will be ATC certified at the Corn Boil)

Bait,,,,whatever you like,,,,,

Appropriate clothing, we'll post the weather forcast during that week

Gear ( Rods, Reels, Hooks, Weights, whatever)

your best sense of Humor

Good spirits ( not the alcoholic type)

Money for the raffle & tee shirts

Credit cards or cash for the Friday Dinner at TWIN PEAKS

Please leave at home

Bad tempers

chips that might be on your shoulders


Wings, Pizza, and soft drinks at the Corn Boil as well as Hooter girl servers for 2 hours

some corn for the corn boil

Name tags so we all can know each other

1- 3 gallon bait bucket per team with a cover

one large vinyl CAG logo per team

one large vinyl ATC logo per team

one jar of Andy's special corn for each team member

one bottle of flavoring ( assorted) per team member

one Special Edition ATC HAT per team member

one commemorative lapel pin per team member

one linen tape measure per team member

one led Cap light per team member ( with batteries)

Coffee, tea and Hot chocolate along with pastries each peg draw morning

Specific travel directions to the peg you draw from the hotel

Score Cards and a pencil

a full sit down dinner at the awards banquet, including desert

well, if we think of anything else we'll post it here,,,,,There has been more effort put into this ATC by the committee so that it will be a memorable event,,,,,

If you've got used , gently used or new items that you don't want, please bring them and donate them to CAG for an Auction at the banquet, proceeds to go to the club

Travel Safely.......and may the CARP GODS be with you...


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Ditto to what Frank said,

Having followed the committee efforts closely, I must say that I'm extremely proud of this group of guys. I'm convinced rain, sleet, snow, ice, 100 degree weather, Neil Streaking or any other crazy act will would still make this the event to be at!!

Top job fellas, i can't wait to hit the road and drive my 24 hours straight to shake your hands and share a :party0012icon:

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Thanks for the positive comments guys,,,,,we'll try to NOT let you down,,,,this morning it was 60 degrees, yesterday unmerciful fog, day before ---snow,,,,,,don;t like the weather in TEXAS wait a few minutes;;;;;;

BY THE WAY<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>


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