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Special Quest Speaker At The Atc Banquet

Neil Stern

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years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with one of the head Biologists of the department of Parks and Wildlife, he was so enthralled with what we do, he wrote an article in their monthly


then he went so far as to publish a pamphlet about Carp Angling


the man, MUKHTAR FAROQI was instrumental in working with CAG when I was State Chair in making the then "TOWN LAKE" a Carp Sanctuary under the leadership of Phil Durocher, the then head of the Department,,,,,,,,,well...........Mukhtar will be a quest speaker at the Banquet,,,,he has written papers in support of our beloved fish, and supported our efforts to other Departments of Natural resources thru the United States.........I am so pleased that he will be with us.....

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AND,,,,,the current head of the Town Lake area (San Marcos) will be at our CORN BOIL to mix it up with us, and explain what they are doing in the region

I have been in communication with Marcos deJesus since August ( a member of our committee) met with him many months ago and laid the ground work,,,,,,,,,thanks August.

We have an interest in CARP, they have an interest in what we do,,,,,,we are to the department, one of the UNIQUE types of anglers in the state,,,,,,,,

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