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ATC 2012 Live Leaderboard & Pic's

Willem (JD)

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We will have a LIVE leaderboard for this years event. I'll update the results as soon as they are reported to Neil.

To access the leaderboard on the days of the event just go to the ATC website: www.cag-atc.com and go to LEADERBOARD on the menu.

A link will also be placed on the CAG Home page www.carpanglersgroup.com

Leaderboard can be seen HERE

The leaderboard have place for pictures.

Any anglers that have a cell-phone that can take a picture and want their pictures of their fish be added to their "live" results on the leaderboard must please txt me at :


The above phone will dedicated to receiving the ATC "live" pic's.

Please text me your Name so I can store it. That way I'll know who sends me a picture and what team to add it to.

Txt me your name ASAP and don't wait till the last minute, I don't want to try do everything on the last minute.

Then I'm also asking EVERYBODY competing and ALL visitors to please take as many pictures as possible. Fish, people, swims and scenery.

It's Austin, should have a lot to snap at !!!!

You can send them all to me after the event.

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hey team...

please see post #1 if you want your pictures on the LIVE LEADER BOARD,,,,,,,,,I will call in the captures as you call me.....

let's make this a great LEADER BOARD,,,,,,,,,and not a plain old LEADER BORED

Willem has once again gone the extra mile for CAG......thank you !!!!

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Neil--Does your phone handle texts and pics? We could kill two birds with one stone by sending the same text messages/pics to both you and Willem at the same time. On the other hand, if you prefer a call, no problem.--Frank

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the way we have it set up, it's best to send Willem the pics, and me the information,,,,

this is the first time we'll be doing this so we'll see how it works,,,,,,it should be perfected for the CCC,,,,,experimental for the ATC.......

when you send Willem the pics, ( provided he has your name and number) he's got it geared on a special phone number to add the picture,,,,,,I'll call him on another line with capture information,,,,,,,,I will explain in detail at the Corn Boil,,,,,,you also need to call me on all GRASSER captures, so we can notify Parks & Wildlife, the district Biologist will be at the Corn Boil to explain this,,,,,,they have 2 trucks in readiness to pick them up,,,

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