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Frenemies Apr 14 And A Real Surprise From Neil

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It took four outings, but I FINALLY got a run,

Franklin and I had about given up ever seeing another carp, but he did manage a 2-3 pounder yesterday. I took a bad picture, so I didn't post it.

Today, we moved back to a swim we hadn't fished for a couple of years.

It was dead for a couple of hours, but Franklin wasn't to be denied and ran off a string of five.






I was about to call it a day, when I had a small run.


I think if she had had one more egg she would have burst. She did put up a nice fight before being gently returned to the water.


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I forgot to add the surprise from Neil.

Seems he is trying to keep it undercover for some future unveiling, but here is his KOI!!!

He asked me to keep it quiet, but we all know how much catching a koi means to him.


I hope he doesn't think it "catty" of me to post this before he wanted...................

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Great stuff Craig,,,,,,

man now that's the KOI of my dreams....if only,,,,,well one day........hey......are you a betting man?????

bet you 50 bucks, that I get koi before you get a 50 :)

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