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What A Great April Day In Northern Virginia, Usa!


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As ordered by our Sergeant Major Craig, I went out on Saturday to catch fish and represent.

We started really early, around 8 am. After dropping off our dayghter to Girlscouts camp, the Missus and I went to a nearby little park, tiny but gorgeous, with a beach, restrooms, covered shelters, benches, grills, a water hand pump, etc... A few guys were tossing lures, catching bass and snakehead. The water, weather conditions and tens of carp crushing everywhere looked promising, so I set up my pod and got rods in the water.


Twenty minutes into the day I got my first run and fought a nice, dark colored 19 pounder. As there is a rocky embankment about 10 feet wide to the water, I asked my wife to man the net and I must proudly say that she handled the job flawlessly throughout the day. Thanks, honey!


The bite was pretty steady all day long, so we managed to catch 10 more fish and lose one at the net, in hilarious way (but more about that later). Here they are, ranging from 5 to 21 pounds:











A little rain threatened us from the South at around 3 pm, but ended up going around us.


But around 7 pm, a real storm was brewing from the north, so we decided to call it a day and go pick up the kid from camp.


Now, remember the carp we lost at the net? Should I have filmed it, it would have made a good video for the AFV $10,000 prize. As I was fighting a nice 15lb bruiser and my wife was holding the net, I kinda "wrestled" the fish a bit hard and pulled the hook and the lead jumped and hit the Missus right in the head, pretty hard! Barely holding my laughs in, I said at least a hundred times "I'm sorry, honey! Sooo sorry!" But she's a real good sport and we laughed our hearts out afterwards. I feel lucky though, because there was a real chance for the hook to catch her face and then I would have had to sell all my tackle, buy her diamond earrings and give up fishing forever. :o

Overall, we had an awesome April day at a new (to us) location in NoVA, with fish to show and tales to tell. It was the most productive session in my young carping career.

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Darius, you are so right about the hook and the lead itself being dangerous. I am Happy to see that the day was spent with lots of Joy and Plenty of fish. Congrats to you and the wife and a Wish for many more days like that!


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