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Carping April In Harbor...

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Due of high cost of travel (gas price) this year I decided to do more carp fishing locally. Also we have a Big carp fishing trip coming up on May so I don't travel to WI for carp fishing as often as last year. We have so many good choices of carp fishing venues here in Chicago and around.

I can literally say that I spent April focusing mainly on one of the ports of Lake Michigan. Jackson Harbor at south side of Chicago is my pick for carp fishing in spring this year.

My first trip there I had on the beginning of April.


Great sunny day and first run after 5 minutes I cast my rod. Unfortunately hook pulls and I lost a fish.

Later can be only better and it was :) I got few more fish with biggest one 21+ lbs


Very interesting was a color on the mouth of every fish I caught this day. I realized that was a ... rust from the underwater metal elements as walls, chains from buoys. O yeah carp is looking for snails, shells, mussels and picking them up from those all hidden in water metal elements.


I had a nice one-day carp fishing session and very satisfied got back home.


A week later I was back to the harbor. Again, great sunny day and hope for some Great Lakes monsters.

This time I have chosen different spot. Also this time I could not be longer than 4 hours out fishing.

But even 4 hours were enough to have 8 fish !!!

I started with this one:


Another carp from this day:


After a bunch of small fish I have caught this fatty carp mom. She brought interest of walkers, who wanted take carp, but after a explanation my philosophy of carp fishing they changed the mind and only picture with carp was good enough:


One more carp:


Almost ready to go, when scream of my delkim tells me: Fish On...

Biggest carp of the day 22+:


What a great day I had again in harbor.

All April i decided to use pack bait (groundbait) mix what we are going to use during our coming up trip in May to St. Lawrence River.

Simple and well known:

cracked corn (boilied and let sit overnight in hot water covered by lid)

Rolled steamed Oats

Wheat Bran

and flavor of Sweet Corn from very new distributor who starts business: Mighty Baits from Wisconsin. Very concentrated liquid flavor with great real smelt of sweet corn. Fantastic product.

As a hook bait I used hairrigged 2 x yellow fake corn from ESP on short 5 " hook link 20 lbs Coratex from FOX and hook # 2 Gorilla Light from Owner.

Last Saturday me and Andy went to Jackson Harbor again. Heavy rain wake me up but did not change my decision. I was prepared for that and took my umbrella and rain gear.



After quick set up we were ready for carp:


And we had four runs but all of them hooks pull and we lost fish. Andy two and me two also . Hmmm checking our rigs but we did not see nothing wrong with them, so we used same rigs one more time.

Next run and Andy finally landed first fish of this day:


Since this moment we did not loose any more fish.

Our friend Slawek came down to visit us. He brought great humor as always and hot coffee.


Few minutes later Andy got another aggressive run and fight was ON !!!!


Nice fat carp landed in the net and posed with Andy to picture :)


Same rusty Lipsticks this carp was using :)


Time for me. I was waiting for first fish almost all day, but finally I caught carp:


I had few more smaller one later, but the biggest fish of day came last one. We were almost ready to leave when Andy's last left rod went off.


Nice 25+ lbs carp landed on the unhooking mat:


One more picture with Biggest Fish Of The Day:


Another great day of carp fishing with Andy, my friend from Polonia Carp Team.

Another great carp fishing session on Jackson Harbor

...Great Lakes Monsters are just around the corner, next time who knows maybe they will enter to the harbor and find my baits :)

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I should have came with! Maybe the weekend after your trip we can fish the harbor

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awesome job Pawel!

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Love the write-up Pawel! There's no stop in you guys! Well done!

Yes, this addiction never let me stop and go back to normal but I am ok with this ;)

Thanks for comment :)

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I'll try for sunday, gotta talk with the wife about it.

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Wow great write up and some great looking fish

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Enjoyable read, nice fish and the place dont look 3 bad either. I like the observation about them eating off the steel work staining their lips.

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Great Captures!!!!!!! The price of gas has most of us rethinking our plans of Long Distance Trips this year!

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very nice post! I want to try this spot now!

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