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The Phoenix Canal Report...

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So I am out at the canals once again at 530 AM, trying to beat the heat.

I modified my PayLake rig a bit; lengthened the leader from 4" to 6" and used a 1 oz weight instead of the 0.5 oz I have been using.

I was using a Peach Oat Packbait and a plain Corn Puff and for the first hour, I didn't even get a single blip on the alarms.

I changed my rig back to the traditional PayLake rig I used before; 4" leader and 0.5 oz weight and managed to hook up twice in 30 minutes.

This just proves... If it aint broke...

Here are the fish...

Skinny Grasser


Chunky Grasser


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If you ever get more then a few hours to fish let my know We could meet at Cabelas and I could put you on some fish. Here is my son with a nice one


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cool I will do the prep work just need a couple days notice I am available during the week after 8 am until the Kids get out of School then earlier except Tuesdays Thats the day we go to lake Pleasant to fish. it is not uncommon for us to land 20 Grassers each along with a few commons and the occasional Catfish My son has the largest with that 20lbs fish I was close but came up a few pounds shy of my sons did hook into one that appeared larger had a dang hook pull right as he entered the net.

You are welcome to Join us on a Tuesday at lake pleasant if you ever get the urge as well good group of guys

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You guys are lucky to have grass carp. In Canada none to be found. I know from my fishing sessions in Europe that grass carp are awesome game fish that put up a great battle. Really fun to catch. Nice fish you got there.

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Well... I am back from a week off, with no fishing.

So I managed to get out to my usual spot on the canals this morning and only managed 1 in the hour I was there.


Maybe tomorrow will be better... either way, it was a beautiful morning.

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Well made it out again this morning. Didn't have the camera with me, so sorry no pictures.

This morning was just some practice making / using / and re-hydrating Oat packbait. I made a Strawberry / Cream Corn / Oat packbait:

  • 42oz Old Fashioned Oats
    1 can Creme Corn
    1 package Strawberry Jello

Mixed it up in a 3qt Igloo Ice Chest and let it sit for 30 minutes. After the pack had a chance to set I tested how fast it breaks and came up with; with 12 packs (squeezes) it takes 3 minutes for the ball of pack to start breaking up. For the canals, since I am not casting that far, I only packed it 5 times.

Baited a plain Corn Puff on my hook. Packed the Oats on and pitched it out. I almost immediately started getting action.

So from 6am - 745am I landened:

  • 4 Grass Carp
    1 Channel Catfish

Not a bad morning.

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Out again this morning...

715am - 820am

Kiwanis Canals

Strawberry Oat Packbait

Plain Corn Puff

Managed to land 1 Grass Carp (had a couple of other runs that came undone), that definitely had some back issues...



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