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Fish Of A Lifetime!

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One year ago today I landed my first 40lb carp and would never have thought I would top it exactly a year later, but I struck gold today. I landed my first 50lb carp at 53lb 12oz. She took an oats ball around 1:00 in the afternoon, went on a slow run, then sat right in front of me for about 15 minutes before I got her into the net. I knew it was a special fish when I first saw her and couldn't believe the size when I finally got her on the bank. I still can't believe it...dreams do come true!








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Where in Europe did you catch this fish? Oh wait, it was caught in... New Jersey? Very well worth the cover of any Euro carp magazine if you ask me! Absolutely amazing fish!

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Guest BCLT

well to say 2 words.....nice catch would be an understatement!

Congrats to you my friend, that is a beast and a massive accomplishment! Hats off to you, hats off!

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Holy Chit Batman,,,,,,,,what a capture !!!!

I;d still be shaking,,,,,,well done !!!! huge congratulations

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