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Cold Morning-Hot Afternoon

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Took the boat with me yesterday morning so I could access some of the shoreline that I can't get to walking in. Temp at the house was 33 degrees when I left. Got on the lake & set up at 7 AM. Nothing 'till noon when I had a good run but when I locked the gears I didn't even feel him. At 1.45 I had a good run & that one I got. Things got hot after that & I ended up with 12 on the bank until I quit at 8.

At 6, chinese fire drill! Both delks were screeming at once. I was fishing by myself & I hate when that happens! I grabbed the first pole & luckily that fish was only about 6 lbs & I was able to get him quickly While the other Delk kept screeming. When I got to the second one he was way out there & it took a while to get him into the net & was 14 lbs. I would have stayed after dark but I didn't have my running lights for the boat with me. Biggest fish was 18.5 & one of the fish had an indentation in his back right before the dorsal fin & that area was black. I think because of the cold nights the carp don't activily start feeding 'till the afternoon.



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Lovely looking spots. The boats do find them....!

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