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Guest BCLT

hey there, I feel your pain....... my advice would be to not bother with cukk bombs.........they in my opinion are a waste of time.... you can get the same impact of the bomb by simply taking some ground bait you have and freezing it. Throw in the night before you fish.....it will slowly melt. The same principle works for maize. Take your chumming corn, and put it in disposable camping cups, beer cups etc. top it off with a bit of the water from the bucket. Freeze them. Then throw them in, in an area your fishing, roughly 5 feet away from eachother. It works and is far cheaper. Not to mention...... I have watched those bombs NOT sink and drift away from the swim.

Good luck though if you continue searching.

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I've done the same thing regarding freezing particles and method/pack "bombs". My old method from a session can be frozen to be used later. Some hints in doing this: Use an irregular shaped object to freeze them in(keeps from rolling around in moving water). Also when freezing: add cheap aquarium rock/stone in it and will solve your floating bomb or help keep it stationary. Also use muffin tins for making multiple bombs of the same mix. These can all be stored in freezer bags until needed. Hope this helps. later

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