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Windy City Carp League 2012

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Hello fellow carpers, Tracy here. The new year finally got under way for 2012 and started out on fire. Weather-wise it was sunny, blue-skies and a forecast of mid 90's. My truck registered 95 degrees. South/southwest wind between 10/20 mph. Felt more like Texas than Chicago. Fortunately this venue has trees to hide under. The fish were rolling and cavorting while I put out peg markers at 6am. The draw was 6:30 with a start time of 7am. First fish was only a few minutes after the whistle and was fairly steady for the north sections all day but the southern sections slowed as water temperatures increased. I installed a "new" or different scoring system that will pit each carper only against the carpers in their section. As such the scuffle for the 4 points of each section were fought for with some very close results. Section D had only a 3lb. difference from 1st to 3rd. While section A/B each had 2 carpers over 100lbs. and fought for their 4 points also. Most were within 1 fish of changing their result. For those that follow such: Team Polonia has 2 members competing(Andy B. and Marcin) of which Andy is the current league frontrunner. Extreme Carp Fishing(Bogdan,Mihai,Isetevan,Paul, and Jacob) have joined for the first time. Welcome Guys! Mihai had big fish for the day with a 27-12. 2 newbies to tournament-style carping(Adam and Darren) also Welcome! 2 that are returning after a year vacation(Ed/Juan) Welcome Back! The rest of us grinders are: Dr Frank Rink(THANKS for volunteering to do the stats on your website), Larry S.(last years Champ), Mike O. also former champ, Dan R. current CAG secretary and also former league champ, And lastly, Mr. Paul Wells who wasn't feeling well but still stopped by to say hello. Here's a few pictures of yesterday and I'll see you at Jackson Park Harbor for round 2 in 2 weeks. later






















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Last one guys. Mihai caught this 27-12 with about 40 minutes left in the day and was big fish. Sorry guys, got carried away with the camera. hope you enjoyed it and see you in 2 weeks. later


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