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Posting A Youtube Video.

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not to cause any problems here, just wondering.............is this different than just copying the link at the top of the browser?

No problems Shawn, good question.

There are many ways to do this, but only ONE guaranteed to work every-time :), my goal is to have it work every time, so i don't have to go behind people and fix stuff all the time.

If YouTube decide to change their site layout, the URL at the top of the browser can change (Just like it did when it changed from .com on the share link to .be )

The "Share" button will always provide a URl to "Share" regardless of what the page code looks like.

Look at the top and look at the share URL, you'll see one is a .com and one is a .be

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gotchya whillem, makes sense! I always just copy the code above and paste it in.......and it changes from the link, to the embeded..........but what you said makes sense............ill do it that way from now on


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Fishing Float Live Wallpaper for Android

Hello, Friends.
I am the developer of mobile phone and tablet PC applications from Russia. I also love fishing, so I decided to make the world's first Android live wallpaper about fishing.
I would be glad of any help in the development of the project, tips and reviews in private messages.
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Another attempt (I am unable to use "Paste" or "Ctrl+V" so I Paste in the url bar above and then retype by copying manually) and the result is:


Result is - NOT WORKING - is it because I am not a "paying member"!?

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