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The Weekend Getaway

Ol Captain

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The Weekend Getaway

Ramona and I have been married 39 years on the 25th of this month. One of the secrets of the longevity of our marital bliss is realizing the importance of a weekend getaway. These periodic retreats are refreshing and renewing and they help build a relationship. This particular weekend we tried something that we haven’t done in a while. We decided to go together :fine:


Now folks, I love this girl more than life itself but when I realized the name of our destination on Lake Sinclair I began to wonder. Should I have seen the red flag when I realized the Lake house that we rented was situated on………Murder Creek?

When we were looking for a place we had several criteria. She wanted a quiet, cool spot where she could unwind, relax, read and watch TV. I wanted to fish. We also wanted to find a place relatively close to our daughter Lauren & her family in Milledgeville. I wanted to fish.

The Lake House rental was picture perfect and impeccably clean.



My only problem was the stairs going to and from the dock. The last time I saw that altitude and that many steps was when my Momma took me to see Elvis dive the cliffs in the movie (1963), Fun in Acapulco!



I can’t possibly do justice to the whole weekend in one tale so I will have to simply hit the highlights this afternoon.

First of all, I knew one of my favorite people lived in this area so I invited him to come by and chat awhile. Folks, this young man is as American as Old Glory and boiled peanuts.





When the wind settled and the flag lay by it unveiled none other than The Sultan of Slime himself! Jonathon Herndon!!! We had a great time talking about the 3 F’s of life. Family, Friends and Fishing!!

As a side note, if you want to fish with the best you can contact the Sultan himself at this web address: http://catfishreaper...ercharters.com/

Other highlights of the weekend included a visit by our daughter Lauren & her family. My favorite son in law Chris “Blue Eyes “Brown and I took some time to do a little fishing with his son & my grandson, Gage “Frog” Brown. There is nothing quite like a cane pole and can of worms to bring guys together!





Not only did they catch the Bream but Chris caught a nice Carp & then he & Gage tag teamed for another one!!




WKORN just happened to be there to cover the action of the second fish!!!

By now you are wondering if I caught anything. You also may be wondering what was keeping “Nana” busy during all this commotion! Well, all I can say is I thought you’d never ask!!





Folks, we love our family and we love what we do. If you have any doubt or questions just Come see us!

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Congrats to you both form Petra and I Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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