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Pawel Sander

We Met After Long Time And Shared Some Bank Fishing With Some Results.

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Long time we did not fish and even see each other.

So we decided to meet and fish together this last sunday.

Few members of Polonia Carp Team: Paul, Greg, Jakub, Slawek, Adam, Marcin and Mateo went to Jackson Harbor in Chicago and in very tought condition in the water (weeds all over up to 4' high) fished with some good results.

It was a great day with sun, rain, great conversations and sharing opinions. Was great to see PCT guys together again. I hope we will have more meeting like this in near future.

Lets see some pictures report from this carp fishing meeting at Jackson Harbor in Chicago:


Bottom of the harbor was very weedy, very tought fishing


Jakub, new member of Polonia Carp Team was so satisfied to meet other colleagues from the team of PCT. He was asking the question and guys answered and shared informations.


Watching water...no single sign of carp there, till...

First run !!!!


Adam got his first US bufflo !!!


After this Mateo started to had some runs and he landed first common carp in this last sunday


On the other side we had first run...


...and I landed nice my first carp


Marcin, another new member of Polonia Carp Team caught nice carp around 15 lbs.


Great catch Marcin and we wish You good luck in carp fishing adventure !!!


Few minutes later Slawek showed up and fish next to me. Where is Slawek there in funny atmospere.


I got another run...


Some of us left around 1 pm

Rain started and fishing picked up.


This time Slawek got run and lands the fish...


Nice carp caught by Slawek

And that will be all :)

Fantastic day with bunch of great guys from Polonia Carp Team !!!

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Adams first buffalo looks like a big mouth buff to me great post thanks for the report

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Great Outoing Gentlemen!! Congrats to each of you!


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Good writeup , I always look forward to Polonia reports , Hats off all :party0012icon:

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This was my first time out with most of the PCT team and i must say, It was great. Even know i blanked i still learned a lot from the guys who were happy to share tips and provide encouragement, which helps alot when your getting started with carp fishing which can be challenging at first. I look forward to going out for another session soon with the guys and hopefully this time I will have put to use all the knowledge they passed down to me and i just might be posting up pictures of my first nice carp. Thanks alot to Pawel and all the guy for taking a newbie like me under their wings and showing me how its done! :party0012icon:

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