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Results Windy City Carp League 2012

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Before the rundown and the results are posted I would like to thank Tracy for running a great league, Frank for calculating all the stats and taking most of the photos, K-1 Baits for their donations for the winners, A.I.R. for there donations, and to all the anglers that make this League possible.

I had a great time at each and every venue this year (as always).


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Mike Olinger is 2012 Windy City Carp League Champion!

It was an easy win for the champion, but there was some drama for second and third place money at the final session of the 2012 Windy City Carp League at Chicago’s Diversey Harbor on September 9th.

Mike Olinger (pictured below (right) with league founder/organizer Tracy Jourdan (left)) secured the two points needed to win the 16-angler league championship with a 9:00 a.m. catch, and he was able to relax for the remainder of the day. Having won his section during each of the four preceding league sessions, Mike only needed one point for a tie and two points for the outright championship and the $640 purse. This is the third year he was won first place in the Windy City Carp League!


The battle for second and third place was a nail-biter as Larry Seeman, Bogdan Bucur, and Marcin Szydlowski traded 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place positions throughout the day. However, when final weight and point totals were tallied, the day ended as it had begun: Larry Seeman (pictured below and mimicking the pose that some of you boys use) finished second in the league ($480) and Bogdan Bucur finished third ($320). Mihai Aciu took the $160 for the league’s big fish, a 27-12 captured at the first session in early June at Lincoln Park.


For the September 9 Diversey Harbor session, Juan Serrano had high total weight with 71-11, but he did not participate in the optional total weight contest, so the pot was shared by Bogdan Bucur (48-0) and Larry Seeman (40-15). Bogdan Bucur captured the day’s big carp at 21-9 (pictured below), narrowly edging Mihai Aciu’s 21-6 for big fish pot.


Top ten anglers in the 16-angler, point-based 2012 Windy City Carp League are as follows:

1st - Mike Olinger, 18 pts., 48 fish, 435-8 total wt, 16-3.9 top 10 avg. wt.

2nd - Larry Seeman, 17 pts., 40 fish, 399-10 total wt, 16-3.8 top 10 avg. wt.

3rd - Bogdan Bucur, 17 pts., 13 fish, 135-8 total wt, 12-8.7 top 10 avg. wt.

4th - Marcin Szydlowki, 14 pts., 42 fish, 380-7 total wt, 17-5.8 top 10 avg. wt.

5th - Frank Rink, 14 pts., 35 fish, 297-3 total wt, 16-0.5 top 10 avg. wt.

6th - Mihai Aciu, 10 pts., 14 fish, 167-15 total wt, 16-12.7 top 10 avg. wt.

7th - Juan Serrano, 10 pts., 17 fish, 205-5 total wt, 15-0.3 top 10 avg. wt.

8th - Paul Dinea, 8 pts., 15 fish, 164-12 total wt, 12-6 top 10 avg. wt.

9th - Adam Charns, 8 pts., 3 fish, 27-14 total wt, 9-4.7 top 10 avg. wt.

10th - Andy Burnagiel, 7 pts., 6 fish, 92-12 total wt, 15-7.3 top 10 avg. wt.

Huge thanks to Tracy Jourdan for his continuing work in organizing and conducting the league! Special thanks to all participants, especially to those who fished the entire series no matter where they stood in the standings! Thanks, also, to K-1 Baits for providing trophies and bait prizes for the winners and to Anglers International Resources for providing gift certificates for the winners.

I am already looking forward to next year's sessions! –Frank Rink

A few more pics from September 9:

2012 WCCL Champion Mike Olinger


2012 WCCL 2nd Place Winner Larry Seeman


2012 WCCL 3rd Place Winner Bogdan Bucur


2012 WCCL Big Fish Winner Mihai Aciu


Group Shot: 2012 WCCL Winners


13-6 for Frank Rink, league's statistician and webhost


Near 20 pounder for Tracy Jourdan, league's founder and organizer


Diversey Harbor Venue, Chicago, Illinois, USA


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Wow! Only 3 replies on the WCCL topic after 5 venues all summer long. I supose if a few of the city boyz finished in the top 3 there would be more action on here.

Like it once was said "Its only carp fishing" :P


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