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What Does The Acronym "toks" Stand For?

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Taken from Ken Keene's facebook page on what TOKS stands for.

The history behind TOKS is an interesting one. TOKS stands for The Online Keep Sack. Of course a Keep Sack or Keep Net is a piece of tackle used by Carp Anglers.......anyway, The Online Keep Sack("The Place Where You Keep the Fish You Release") was launched in 2006, covering and promoting nearly 50 international carp fishing competitions. The Online Keepsack was the inspiration behind the TOKS Big Four International which was launched on my birthday, June 25th of 2009. A lot was learned through The Online Keepsack about carp fishing competitions, the anglers attending and not attending these events. Now, for the first time ever, carp anglers worldwide can be a part of a high profile carp competition without having to pay an entry fee, pay outrageous travel costs and depend on the peg draw format.

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