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My Annual Trip To New York State

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this is a bit delayed but end of september and the start of october, i made what is becoming an annual trip to new york, to fish the st lawrence and a certain reservoir near troy! my brother james became a father prior to this trip but i had a great subtitute in long term fishing mate rich

the fishing was ok although not too great in the 30's department with just a handfull this time. sadly i blanked at the reservoir probably due to a torrent of cold rain that fell for the most of the time that i was there.

the st lawrence was on orm or numbers but where have all the big fish gone? i have a theory and am going to put it into practice next time i'm there. it's a bit off the wall but makes sense really. i only wish i had the brain engagement earlier in my trip and i would of tried the possible new monster biggie bait!

i had a great time with the ogdensburg crew as is usual and came back a wreck after partying and fishing with them. you know who you all are! just a few thanks though to jay, bob, louie, dobber or enjoying the bank side with us. we love you guys!

anyway a bit picture heavy but hope you like them all the same.....






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Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a great time as always. Some very very nice pics. Well done

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