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F F F 2006 - Memories

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This one is truly special to me. An absolutely amazing story (the triplets), the first 30 pounder, the first time we had more than 100 participants, the first participation of the koi masters, the MA anglers kicking ass, and the list goes on...

Ok, let's take that one step at a time. First off, the triplets... John Tillbrook (VA) took his three cute triplet girls to fish that day. And for the very first time, they caught one carp each (including dad). Rosie Tillbrook wrote about her adventure, the story made the cover of the NACA, and was even published in a French carp magazine (after translation by yours truly)! This has to be the best FFF memory ever... :wub:


The results now (all details here). Here is my summary at the time:

So we had
111 participants
who actually fished the First Fishing Folly this year across
17 states
(including one brave soul in Ontario!). New record!

All those courageous anglers found a way to catch
241 carp
on Jan 1st, which represent
2034 pounds
of our favorite quarry. Impressive!

Oh... by the way... 216 of those carp were caught at a water temp less than 50 degrees...

of those anglers will enter the very select
FFF Hall of Fame
, by having caught a carp before 6AM on Jan 1st.

And this included a 30 pounder, no less. On Jan 1st. Tommy Robinson pulled off this amazing feat, witnessed by Pat Kerwin.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, truly tiny mirrors were caught by Ray Eichelberger, down to 0.9lb!! He also used the smallest pic resolution!


In MA, Dom Mariano fished 10 hours in the snow and landed an amazing 23 carp. Yes, 23. While Vinny Jeffreys landed 18 in the same spot. No need to say they secured 1st and 2nd place for the emperor's award. Jim Kirkman also caught 18 carp with his magical grits in Texas, but at a significantly higher water temp! Jim also caught his first mirror that day, witnessed by... the one and only Neil Stern! :P


Dean Hill caught (again!) the first fish of the year, closely followed by Narda Walters, Mark Metzger and yours truly.

As to the youngsters, they did remarkably well. Not only the triplets, but also the Gordon boys aka the koi masters (more on them in later years!) landed a few nice mirrors. Now who was the Prince award winner? It was Max Ford in Illinois (well trained by Paul Wells, a regular FFF participant). Max caught no less than 10 carp in Illinois' frigid water.


To see a bunch of pics of the event, including many participants, click here.

This was the year where we introduced the sunrise award, and Lowell King won hands down with this magnificent shot.


Oh, and we also had a contest of the best snow carp sculpture... Here is Gate Dragone (CT), one of the most talented young anglers we had by then. No wonder, as his dad is Mike Dragone...


And... Ok, I have to finish with another pic of the triplets... Too cute... I really wonder what they look like nowadays!


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