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F F F 2007 - Memories

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Today is Dec 26th, 2012. Six days before the 10th edition of the FFF.

Every day until the event, I plan to share a few memories from each of the previous editions of the FFF. Today will be about the 2007 edition.

This one was truly special too. More than 3000 pounds of carp, including 22 mirrors and a stunning koi. An incredible session in the St Lawrence. A sunrise pics worthy of National Geographic! And a unique touch from the very devious Neil Stern, Phone the Phone!

Let's have Neil explain the last point with his own words from 2007...

The whole purpose of the FFF is to prove to one of our most beloved members ( PHONE) that he indeed has a
connection, when it comes to the feeding habits of CARP, and that they do indeed feed in waters below 50 degrees............

Well, this year, what we're going to do is
...day or night and record our catches with him..last year if we had done this, he would have gotten well over 200 calls !
( what a way to celebrate NEW YEARS !

This of course does NOT mean that he is the official repository of catches, as you still have to send them to JEROME, at the close of the event.....but it sure as heck adds a nice little touch to aggravating PHONE,
and perhaps after this event, he can revise his thoughts.

Since no less than 229 carp were caught that day in a water temp less than 50 F, Phone's phone could have been real busy... I don't know how many people actually called Phone that night & day, but I sure did! Just 10 minutes after midnight, actually... Even if Scott O beat me by a few minutes to catch the first one of the year.

Now what about THE KOI? The Gordon family started to establish a tradition of catching unique fish on Jan 1st. And on Jan 1st, 2007, man, did they deliver with this gorgeous 18 pounder koi caught by Willy Gordon. Click here for the full story. And keep in mind this fish... It is truly special as you will see later...


Want to see the pics, plenty of pics, all the pics, click here for the monster photo album of 2007.

Now for the very impressive statistics... Here is what I reported...

(this wasn't the truly final report - a few late e-mails led me to believe that we did break the 150 participants barrier!)

Total number of participants:
, including

States with active participants:
in the US, and one in Mexico!

Total number of carp: at least
... For a little more than
pounds of carp.

50 degrees F or less:
carp, more than
participants caught at least one (including the smallest and largest).

Neil, oh Neil:
mirrors, plus
(superb) kois. 6 participants found a way to catch more than one mirror!

As to the winners, Duncan McLean caught a really cool 23lb mirror in Texas, securing the Scubadoc award.


Jedidiah and his uncle Ray Eichelberger won the Baby award their usual tiny mirrors, but I have to say this pic from Texas (can't figure out the angler's name? Neil, help!) cracks me up:


Now are you ready for the National Geographic show? What do you think of this amazing picture? Master John Bramley at work...


Plenty of amazing stories that day, it's hard to stay short... Some of the Texas boys had terrific results and really thought nobody could beat them for the Emperor award (read Neil's report here - Frank Kessler caught no less than 16 carp, including quite sizable ones). The Schoborg family was having a blast in TN, landing 15 carp. Those southerners had no idea about the eye popping story that was developing many miles up North... In the capital of carp... Waddington, NY, on the St Lawrence in a frigid and very windy weather. But the St Lawrence wasn't frozen yet...

Here is a first report from Ed Sheffield:

More info and pics in the next few days but here is the short story as of 7pm. The two Shawns are still on the river, and Jared and I just packed it in. As of right now the four of us landed around 40 fish today on the Larry in 39 degree water. Shawn Rafter had the largest in our group. I don't have the exact weight with me but it was 34 and change. I had a 29lb 10oz fatty and a 23 lb Mirror. Many fish in the twenties and when I left the river Shawn Rafter was over 300lbs total weight. Who said Carp don't eat under 50 degrees? I will post more tomorrow. I have some digital photos and we have to get the rest developed.

Shawn Rafter, the hero of the day, posted the following the day after:

I am
Shawn Rafter
and I am on Ed's Log in because I'm having trouble with mine. Shawn Warner and I pre baited 2 different swims prior to New Years and put approx 300lbs of maize into the swim we fished. We were marking fish on the camera. After putting in 100lbs on the first day the next day all the corn was gone according to what we could see on the camera. The Carp were bumping into the camera as we put more bait in and were activly feeding.

Rob Henwood donated over 25 pounds of boilies to the cause that we added to the corn. We put out marker bouys and concentrated the boiles in that area and casted to that area. The Maize was more spread out over the flats. We got a late start because of the ice but had the first fish on within 10 minutes. All told I landed 15 fish and Shawn Warner landed 11 fish.

Ed Sheffield finally posted the final math, which left everybody aghast... Yup, the average size for Shawn was over 22 pounds...

Shawn Warner had 11 fish with a total weight of 196lbs and 3 oz. Shawn Rafter had 15 fish with a total weight of 331lbs and 4 oz.

Here is Shawn with his 34 pounder, which remains the biggest carp ever caught during an FFF event.


It is an understatement to say that this session alone changed the perceptions of many carp anglers about winter and carp fishing...

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