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F F F 2008 - Memories

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Today is Dec 27th, 2012. Five days before the 10th edition of the FFF.

Every day until the event, I plan to share a few memories from each of the previous editions of the FFF. Today will be about the 2008 edition.

(that is... this is what I should have said yesterday if I had wrote this on time!)

2008... I was on strike that year - ah, those French guys... Mark Metzger was kind enough to take charge of keeping the event alive.

Here are a few words from Mark summarizing the event in a rather lyrical way!

First of all I would like to thank all the participants of this fun event. What a great way to ring in the new year . We had 137 anglers from all points who braved the elements and the effects of time to ring in the new year in a special carpy way. We had people who fished lakes, some fished rivers, some streams and some paylakes. We had places with great weather and places like were I fished, 84 Pennsylvania that had 28 degree weather , high winds and blowing sleet and snow for part of the night. There was a group of brave souls ( crazy perhaps ) who fished in 8 degree weather thru the ice ( as if there would be any other way in those temps)

We had big fish caught , we had some tiny little fish caught . There were commons and mirrors caught and then there were no fish caught but like me ...we had fun anyway.

In Tennessee, Wayne Trapp rocked the boat, catching a 31lb monster and securing both the Monster award and the Emperor award. Hardcore Frank Rink lagged Wayne only by a couple of pounds, both exceeding 100 pounds that day.


Jedidiah and Ray Eichelberger did not win the baby award this time, although they caught a 12oz and a 14oz mirrors! The unstoppable Gordon boys (here Joey) caught an even more minuscule 9oz carp. Joey Gordon caught a total of 82lb of carp, but Willy Gordon did slightly better with 86lb to win the Prince award.


This tiny mirror caught by Jedidiah looks really cool!


Alex Vasilic caught a superb mirror of 21lb, except that... I can't find the corresponding pic! So I'll include another neat pic from DC/CA, Pat Kerwin and Lia, of course...


In Illinois, the guys caught fish while braving a 45mph wind... And found a way to make great pictures as well.

Here is Frank Rink sunrise winner pic


And hey, who's that? wink.png


There were numerous real cool winter pics taken that year. Do check the full photo album.

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