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F F F 2009 - Memories

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Today is Dec 28th, 2012. Four days before the 10th edition of the FFF.

Every day until the event, I plan to share a few memories from each of the previous editions of the FFF. Today will be about the 2009 edition.

2009 was a little bit low key. Only 12 anglers caught a carp that day for a total of 31 carp landed. Here is the report Louis Cook issued in the NACA.


On my side, things went well though, as I *finally* succeeded to catch the first carp of the year. And I tried hard in past years... Now I was fishing with Dom Mariano in a harsh weather, he got a run while I was landed mine, I put my fish on the ground to go help Dom land his fish, and... the poor carp froze solid! When we came back to fish more in the morning, the swim was entirely frozen!


Now I'd like to acknowledge Rob Schoborg from TN, who often participates with his extended family, giving a great time to the kids. And that year, his stepson caught a 54lb enormous catfish! Incredible!


And Sarah, Rob's stepdaughter, caught the biggest carp of the year under 50F and gave us a great smile!


Slimy added .....

That was the night Scarpo and I made it into the FFF Hall of Fame and a brutally cold night we'll never forget!

I haven't been able to get him back out on new years since! laugh.png




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