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F F F 2011 - Memories

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This was the year of Carlymoomoo. This was another good year for Zoomie (and Willem too). The Gordon boys landed a few unique fish as usual. Illinois didn't quite make it for once. While Ohio worked hard during the night... But a lone cow boy in VA made it first... While I was *royally* blanking (not for lack of efforts or words)... And Mario had a radio talk on K Kountry!

Overall, the exceptionally nice weather did us no good, and we REALLY struggled as explained by this report after this event. Usually we have roughly one carp per participant, not so in 2011...

We had 126 registered participants this year, the frozen waters prevented quite a few to actually fish. At the end 80 brave souls (including 7 juniors) did go fishing on Jan 1
2011 across 15 states/provinces ranging from Florida (Horace saved the day) to New York State (they all blanked, 15 of them!), from Texas (everything is… smaller for Carl & Neil!) to Illinois (the real hardcore guys). Without forgetting Tennessee and John's heron.

Overall, although the weather was remarkably sunny and mild for many of us, we had the most difficult year ever, with only 40 carp for a meager total weight of approximately 394 pounds. A few mirrors and the usual koi from the extraordinary Gordon boys.

First, his majesty Carlymoomoo (Carl Norris hides behind this unusual alias!)... Everything is bigger in Texas.. You would expect the guy to win the Monster award? Nope. The Emperor award? Nope. Er... the First Carp award? Nope. What did he win then? Er... the Baby award (with a 14oz beast) and the Sunrise award... Speaking of unexpected events... rolleyes.gif

Click here for the full story in the words of the star player... And this includes the one and only Neil Stern, the best net man in the world... tongue.png



Somebody did save the honor of the great state of Texas, winning the Monster award. Ah, the world is back in order. Oh wait... This was... an Englishman (Keith Thompson)... Fishing Town Lake (aka Ladybird) and landing a puny... 19 pounder as the biggest carp of the day? Er... Weird! He did catch a really sizeable fish though - a nice buffalo - nah, didn't count.


Master Zoomie (John Sabol) now... Here is the guy. No comment. And then his remarkable catch at 12:30AM. Yep, a great blue heron. Oh, and he also caught a few carp, securing the Emperor award for the second consecutive year, albeit with a fairly meager 65lb - while Willem got the 2nd place with 61lb or so. Zoomie's writings are always very entertaining, check Part1 and Part2.

IMG00065-20101231-1634%5B1%5D.jpg P1010007.JPG

The Prince award was (unsurprisingly) won by Willy Gordon - him again. His brother Ben in second place. Oh, and Willy won the Scubadoc award too. Unstoppable... And of course, they landed a cool koi.


What about the First carp award? The contingent in Ohio fished all night and Rob Shiflet and Rick Cox caught an early fish (12:55am and 2:40am). Old Captain Horace did a valiant attempt, rewarded by a fish landed at 4:11am. But none of those were the first carp of the year.

Truth is there was this dude from VA. Er, not a dude. A dube. Jeff Dube is his name. He was fishing with Michael Turpin and significant others. This crew landed a single fish. A 4 pounder. Nothing to be excited about? Well, this was the first fish of the year, at 12:25am...


Frank Rink's Illinois had a tough time. Our memories of 2011:

Tricked by Mother Nature at Joliet FFF

The term "folly" is an appropriate description this year for fishing at Joliet in the 2011 First Fishing Folly sponsored by the Carp Anglers Group! If one looks for excuses, the DesPlaines River raging like a torrent of chocolate milk, or the cold front that dropped temperatures 30 degrees from midnight until 8:00 a.m., or an unstoppable current that forced us to stay at Jackson St. could be used as reasons why all of us blanked at Joliet's version of the CAG FFF on 1/1/11.


Cory Bohmann, Cory, Jr. and Cody, John Glusak, and Frank Rink all gave it their best shot with rods and pods at the ready at midnight, but the fish were not to be captured at our 2011 event. When wind chills approached zero, we decided to chalk one up for mother nature and call it a day.

Even the sun refused to cooperate for a sunrise photo by hiding behind a cover of heavy clouds. Oh, well. Maybe next year. Thanks to those who came out!

On the bright side, CAG presented a special FFF Hall of Fame honor to Illinoisans Magdalena L., Ernest K. and Paul S. for their promotion of winter fishing through the Winter Carp League. Well deserved.--F. Rink

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