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Chicago River Carp Record !

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This year the Chicago River has been producing beautiful fish across the map. One spot, discovered by my two friends Pawel and Andy, has become quite a honey hole.

A consistent baiting campaign done by Andy for last two months, using K-1 Baits boilies provided these results. Many of my friends from Polonia Carp Team can boast about a few 30lb+ from this spot as well as a slew of fish in the 20lb+ range including three 29 lb. My time to fish this swim finally arrived. The day before I made plans with my friend Jacob, and we were set to go. On March 24, 2013 with overcast sky and temps in the low 30's we set out our lines. Into the water goes 2 lbs of soluble boilies squid-strawberry flavor and 1 lb of 12mm fruity peach boilies, all K-1 baits products.

On my first rod I was using a blowback rig with a snowman 12mm and 16mm fruity peach bottom boilies. The second rod had a new product from K-1 Baits still in testing process, BioActive soluble boilie topped with a plastic corn.

The third rod contained 2 pieces of plastic flavored corn, fruity peach and pineapple. As a metod mix I was using K-1 Baits products: boosted oats with Fruity Pineapple flavor.


We didn't have to wait long for the first run of the day and it was on the 3rd rod with the plastic flavor corn. I lost the fish and quickly reeled in to examine my hook and rig setup. After a few adjustments, I recast and my line is back in the water. I get another run and loose another fish. I reel in and change rig and recast.

Now our carp fishing Eldorado begins. Within the next 3 hours, I bring in a bunch of fish starting with a 21lb 6oz


as well as 14lb+ 16lb+ 18lb+ and a few smaller fish.


After this things got calm with no runs for about an hour. I decide to re-bait and cast closer to shore and a certain distance away from the baited area. Soon after we are on the fish again, but this time the bites come faster and with bigger fish on the end of the line. Jacob lands his first fish, a 21lb 13oz, just as we are releasing it one of my alarms starts screaming. Fish on! After a short fight a beautiful 27lb 4oz common is laying on my mat.


We carefully took some pictures and calmly released the fish and got back to our rods. Throughout the next hour I continue catching some nice fish in the 15-20lb range.

Around 12pm I get a violent run on one of my rods. The bait was 2 pieces of K-1 Baits Giant Corn topped with a fruity peach plastic corn. The fish was putting up a fight, but Jacob was doing a great job with the landing net today, so the fish had no chance to escape. A beautiful 23lb 2oz is added to our list of catches.


I didn't even have time to recast my rod while I get another run. I set the hook and without much of a fight i start pulling the fish towards the shore. I had no idea what was to happen next. I told Jacob not to hurry with the net because this is probably a small 15lb fish. Jacob goes into the water with the net and I hear loud and clear


I could not believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. Jacob nets the fish and I see him struggle to lift the net out of the water. I help him bring the net to shore and then it hits me. This fish must be bigger than 30, and it was. We carefully put the fish on the mat and the 23lb from before looks like a 10lb compared to this beast. We released the other fish and got to weigh the big one.

My scale goes from 35-37-39 and stops at 39lb 3oz. Here it is! My new PB!

post-2284-0-43838200-1364569643_thumb.jp post-2284-0-40212200-1364569652_thumb.jp

After a while I realize this is the biggest fish to come out of the Chicago River! We put the fish in a keep sack and carefully put it in the water and make a few phone calls. Soon enough the entire K-1 Baits squad appears at our swim along with the person responsible for taking care of this spot and baiting it, Andrzej Burnagiel. After a short photo session, we take a release video and the New Chicago River Record swims away into the wild waters of the river.


Thank you everyone for the kind words and congratulations I received. Thank you Jacob for landing fish the whole day, without you I could not land one fish. Thank you Andrzej Burnagiel for keeping the swim clean and baited. Thank you Pawel Sander for discovering this great swim. And thank you Bogdan Bucur and Jacob for the great photos and video.

Thank You K-1 Baits for providing the most effective products to catch a carp I have ever used. Also I want to very thank you all of my carp fishing friends from our Polonia Carp Team, who also catch great fish from this spot.

Thank you

K-1 Bait Pro Staff Marcin Szydlowski

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