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Another Michigan Lump

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My dad and I met up with Daniel, a new guy Elvis, and Daniels Cousin. It ending up being a pretty slow day for everyone except for myself, for some reason I was really on today :) . There were only a few decent fish caught out of the 15-16 fish we caught with two mid teens and then Daniels Big Momma. We all met up at around 6:00 and right as we were getting down there Elvis got a run. Unfortunately he lost that fish and there was no more action until I got fully set up. After I casted all three of my rods out I was walking over to talk to the other guys when out of no were the rod I just casted screamed off. That ended up being my biggest fish of the day in the mid teens. I was steadily catching throughout the day while for some reason the other swims were only picking up the odd fish here or there. About half way through the day Daniel got his first take. he said it felt strong and that he was going to need a hand netting it. I thought it was maybe a mid teen up until I saw the massive stomach and back on her, what a beast!! All in all it was a pretty good day with Me ending up with 10 fish, My dad with 2, Daniel with 2 carp and his new PB Drum, Elvis with 1, and Daniel's cousin with 1.

Big Momma


My biggest of the day


Daniel's cousin's New PB


Daniel's new PB Drum



Daniel working a double



Elvis's fish




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