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New Buffalo Mich. harbor - June 7th to the 14th are carp spawning?

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Hi Michigan carp fisherman.

I am from Iowa and moved to California and now I am going back to New Buffalo Mich. for a family reunion from June 7th to the 14th. I fished here 4 year ago and caught some great carp with Tuttie Fruitie maze with the kids. This year I will be fishing with the kids again and I hope it goes as good as it was last time. My question is with all the cold rainy weather is the water going to be to cold or are the carp going to be spawning in the New Buffalo harbor. If any one lives close to New Buffalo I would like to go carp fishing with 10 kids let me know. Any help you can give me on the carp spawning time of year would be a great help.



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Thanks Daniel:

I hope that you are correct and that the water stays cold and they wait till the kids catch some carp then they can spawn. Thank you for your help.


Hi Jeff.
Here in Michigan they spawn early-mid Jun. But with the winter been so long and cold we hope it will push it to mid-late Jun.

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