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May 4th Michigan Fish-in Results

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Today was Michigan's 2nd fish-in. The weather was beatiful, but in the morning we had second thoughts about the current there we were not prepared for, but we tuffed it out, and daniel and Lil Andy put multiple leads on a one point to hold bottum.

at first we were casting to the other side of the bank, but soon we found out that was a bad idea. one of my rods broke off from a boat. Then later on another boat came by and took out some more lines line.

But the fishing was still good. We had some good food, and it was a great time seeing everyone again.

Again almost everyone caught, and also i stole the pin again, :D but i did extend the time for the pin an hour and to to let the guys get some more fish.

But it was a nice day chatting with everyone and catching some fish.

(Sorry guys if i am wrong with anything and fell free to post any pictures that you guys took today)

Daniel got 9 or 10 fish his biggest was 10lb 14oz






Andy, killing it today wuth a total of 17 fish and his biggest was 13lb 11oz.

Austin got 4 fish today, and his biggest was 9lb 1oz


Brian also got 1, his biggest was 7lb exactly


Nik, got 3, and his biggest today was around 8lb i beleive( correct me if i am wrong)

Drew got 1, and i believe his was around 7lb

Tom got 1 fish his biggest was 10lb 8oz

Bill got into a fish today, it was also around 7lb

ryan, one of my friends got one, but it was a sucker, lol


Lil Andy landed, i believe 1, which was over 8lb

i got 5 fish today, my biggest was 16lb 4oz





upside down carp!!


Had a great time today, and looking forward to the next fish-in

feel free to post any pictures you guys got today of any fish, and sorry iif i am wrong with any numbers or weights

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Had a great time & got into some interesting conversations with you guys. Looking forward to Holland!

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