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2013 Wooden Shoe Carp Classic Results/Pics/Stories

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Hello All,

A huge thank you to Dave and Jenn for hosting once again an awesome event!!

Congratulations to this years Big 8 Champion Nikki Sprinkle and Big Fish Champion Austin Pass, and first fish caught champ Maddie Sprinkle :thewave: !!

Total results from all fished scored:

Click on scoresheet to enlarge







I'll have a full write up at some point tonight as well as posting some of the pics I have. Please post any and all pics and stories here.

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Some cool pics thanks for sharing Andy. Congrats to Nikki on the win you were on fire and congrats to Austin that was a pig that won the big fish.

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Here are the pics I have. Had a great time and can not wait for next year! A HUGE thanks goes out to Dave and Jen for putting on such an amazing event!





Beautiful fish, and what an awesome venue in the back!




Fin up!


Another of the countless 20+


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Well well, where to start.......

As a busy man, and I mean real freakin busy these past couple of years, I drool when I read the stories and see the pics of all the sweet fish being caught and I can only wait until I either create the chance to finally fish or it just happens and this Wooden Shoe Carp Classic has certainly been on my mind for a loooooooooong time.

This time around it would be a family trip with my wife Nikki and my daughter Maddie, a lot of planning goes into a family fishing trip tournament style so kudos to any of you reading this that has had a similar experience.

Blah blah blah, and somehow I convince the wife for us to drive seperatly to get to the venue so that I could to practice some new baits before the bell rings at 6:45 am the next day. And Practice I did with what I have been doing really well with at a couple other venues, but the story was a tad different this time around. Sure, I caught a lot of fish, but out of the 21 fish landed, 15 were cats which the fellas had now knicknamed me the catfish king. All good though, backup plan was now shceduled for the actual tournament. Even though I had a lot of cats I did manage a very nice 22+ lber:


While having a cat haul fest I got to mingle with the other anglers whom were pre-fishing the venue which for me is still the best thing about our sport. Ed from Illinois, Rodman from Indiana, the Pass Brothers, the Polish Hamma Daniel, Lukasz and his father, Lucian, and da frenchman Jerome. We may have had a few beers, told stories, talked some smack, ate some spicy foods and of course caught some fish!!

A couple pre-fishing big ol fatties by the Pass Brothers: (btw...please note Rodman in the background....lol!!)



By now Nikki and Maddie had arrived with bellies that required some grub so after mingling for a bit I packed up and we headed to check into our hotel and then over to our favorite local burger joint Turks. I just can't get enough of these artery clogging huge belly busters!!


Will continue in the next post....

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Ok, where was I......oh yea....so at the peg draw on day one I was as excited as a lil school girl going to a Bieber concert awaiting the peg draw and when Dave asked me to pick the first name out of the bucket and I pulled my own name, I nearly pissed myself..ha ha, not really, but I was overjoyed! I choose a peg that I had last year and did well with so i figured WHY NOT. Nikki was 3rd pick and choose peg 18 and off we went to getting our goodies all set up.

The bell Rings and here comes my Daughter Maddie with her bucket in hand saying, "Look daddie, I caught the first fish" ha ha , she cracks me up...she walked up to anyone that would listen and showed them all her fish. She was so proud as was I :)

Oh, did I mention that this is also Nikki's 33rd Birthday?? Maybe a little of that had to do with her good Mojo this wknd :)

Action started slow on my end, but Nikki was picking up quite a few fish on her side (was actually getting a bit jealous...lol). She managed a sweet 27 lb 14 ouncer which she decided would be her "bonus" fish...dang, what a sweet start!!

Maddie and Mommy with a brace:


Nikki continued to catch and fishing picked up for a few anglers, but nobody was scoring them just yet. I finally started to get into some fish and managed a sweet near 24 lber:


I really thought I was going to catch bigger...but it was not to be...boo hoo! Still managed 12 fish on day one and added a 17+ lber to the board while Nikki was throwing back 17lbers...lol.

Fish were being caught from most areas now with a reported big 20 here a 33 lber there and high teens over there.

Lunch time came before I knew it and Rodman had labored over a feast that he shared with everyone...what a dude!! And it was likely the best quality and tasting bank grub any fisherman could hope for. I left very satified with my belly full!! Mucho thanks Rod :)

After Day One fishing ended, we headed back to the hotel to shower and change and get ready to meet everyone at Turks for a huge social feast. I believe we had 27 folks that showed up and had a great time...so good that they had to cart Jathan away..ha ha!!:


Day 2 continued in next post...

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After 2 full days of fishing, sun and fun, I was pretty lethargic getting around and in the "mode" for day 2. Add in that Nikki and I had last pic for the peg draw (Snake Draw....aka..reverse order of day one). So our turn came and we knew what would be left and it was the "Cove Pegs"....oh well, I knew we would catch fish, but this area is not known for any fish much bigger than an occassional high teen or low 20. Nikki and I were the only ones in the whole area...cool I guess...lol


We quickly set up and within minutes Nikki had a run, then another and another and she was soon putting on a haul fest and I her loyal net man!! 3 doubles and a triple for her. This area is loaded with snags, pllars, and all kinds of fish fighting possible catastrophies, but she was a pro with guiding fish and steering them to the net.

I started getting into fish after a couple adjustements and for a while started to catch up to her. I took what I landed and added them to the score cards in belief that this area would not cough up much over what i was catching so I told myself I wante dto be in the top 10 and stuck to the plan. Nikki however was selective and it payed off big time...sure helps when you get nearly 30 fish to pick from..lol!!

In Carp Angling, part of what makes our sport so great is the people and it's never to early to start your youngins out. Here is Maddie and World Classic Baits owner Magdalena's daughter Maia having a good ol time:


Prior to 12 Nikki added a couple mid teens and around 12ish Nikki started to find the hogs, adding a back to back 23+ and 22+ (what the hell, where did these big fish come from!!) Oh boy, she is is contention now!

I continued landing smaller fish with an occassional high teen....

With 2 hours left, Nikki had 2 fish left to record and she hooks into a nice fish and after we land the hog, it weighs in at nearly 27 lbs...wooo hooo:


Giving the hog a kiss goodbye :)


We were entertained quite often with spectators, visitors and boats cutting my lines, but this sweet ride stole the show!!!!!!!!!!!


We both continued to land a few more fish and filled out our last cards....now to hurry and pack up and head over to the rest of the group and turn in the cards to see who won and how we stacked up.

Results were in and I placed 6th and Nikki was crowned the champ...she was is such disbelief!!

Now only that, but Jenn and Dave had somehow managed to get another set of the wooden shoes custom made for Maddie for catching the first fish....thanks you two...she will rememebr that for many many years!!!

All in all, this event is such a treat to be able to participate in and to all the participants and organizers, I thank you very much for creating the loose and fun atmosphere which is so different than any other tournament I've ever been a part of.

Tight lines all,


PS...Can't wait for next year...C U there!!

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BTW, Congrats to:

Jathan on your PB of your 33lb 9oz Beast!!

Amos with your PB 28 lb 8ozer Hog!!

And Drew with your PB 24 lb Pig!!

Anyone else catch a pb during the event?

I took a PB power nap, but I'm sure you heard all about that story :D

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No PB, but certainly a PW- Personal Worst! Longest time spent behind motionless rods without a proper fish! I almost took Andy's handle of Catfish King but even they stopped biting! Had a great time overall, met some really good people, ate some kickass bank food- thanks Rod, and will be fishing around the Holland area again soon- love the venue!

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Will post pictures when I make it home... And I have plenty of pictures... Can't say I did very well during the event, those youngsters + birthday girl caught them all, but after learning from the locals, I did pretty well the day after the event... This being typed on my hotel room bed, with my entire body hurting... Story to come later!

By the way, I claim the 2nd first fish! A run at 6:46am the first day. The first catfish of a long series... For sure, Maddie makes for a much cuter first fish winner, and I'm sure she beat me by a few seconds... This little girl is going to rock the fishing world for sure! Looks and talent, like Mom...

Overall, a truly unique event, great scenery, almost everybody caught, a huge diversity of fish, small to very large carp (and yeah, did I mention the catfish?), a few mirrors here and here (I got a few!), every peg has a fair chance of being a winner, and I really like this formula of having to pick your 8 best fish as you go... Choices, choices, as Dave put it. Very cool way to add some spice to the event.

Yet another monster THANKS to Jen. Oh, and Dave too. :glare:

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I wanted to say Thanks to Dave and Jen for hosting this event. You both were great. Also thanks Dave for the Salmon.It was nice fishing with all the Michigan crew great bunch of guys and girls. Andy you were right the boys can haul great job. Congrats to Nikki for winning. See you all soon

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