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Fishing a relatively calm spot in a local reservoir tomorrow. The contour can be seen here:

38.742862,-77.38797 - Google Maps

It's called Bull Run Marina. Anyway, I'll be fishing the right hand side of the ramp where the island and cove are.

The issue is, there will be winds up to 20mph tomorrow at times gradually getting worse until peak at 2pm. The current normally isn't too strong in this part of the Occoquan, but between the wind and some thunderstorms (scattered) coming through tonight, I'm curious as to what approach you all would think is best as far as simple common rigs and tactics.

I will say that they started spawning in the river as of late last week and into the weekend, some are still spawning there. The reservoir should be on a very similar schedule as the temps are about the same and this is some of the shallower, warmer water the rez gets this time of year.

Lots of snags and wood around (especially to the left of the main road bridge where I can also fish.

I normally fish carolina rig style with a bottom weight and bead before the swivel or a simple sliding bullet weight. Obviously going with the bottom weight of a minimum of 1 - 1/2 ozs tomorrow, but may up to 2 depending on current.

Any better simple rigs with common tackle and gear anyone suggests? It's either this or I run a similar rig with a suicide type application and have lighter line for the bottom weight leader and the hair rig leader. I figure I may get pulled into a lot of snags if bait is drifting around a bit tomorrow.

Thoughts? This will probably be the most challenging session I've had this year, but I have a shot at a 20 + (would be my first) in this spot and some mirrors (haven't caught any yet).

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When there are a lot of snags, I would never add a light leader. Need some muscle to convince a fish the snag is not where he should be.

On my short rods I run 17lb test.

On the euro rods I use 50lb PP, and a 30lb PLine FluroClear Leader of 24 ft.

I suggest using some form of packbait if possible. But use whatever you have on hand and feel good about. Can always chum with sweetcorn with good results.

Also, if spawn started last week, they don't all spawn at once, but depending on temps they may still be spawning.

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