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Happy Birthday to the Ultimate Carp Hound!

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This coming Friday marks a very special day here at the Captain’s Quarters. July 12 is set aside each year to recognize or most famous Crew member-Maximus Relaximus (The Ultimate Carp Hound). Max will be approximately 7 years old this time. Like the rest of the crew, his shape is not quite the same as it once was and the hair on his chin is beginning to turn white. But his passion, integrity, love of people and God’s beautiful outdoors is still intact!!

You may not realize it but folks have come from all over the globe to visit Max. We’ve had guests from as far away as Denmark, France, England and even parts of Alabama as well. Because of the internet, Max has a following pretty much all around the world!

It is hard to fathom the lives that Max has touched since Ramona and I brought this pitiful pooch home from the pound five years ago. This goes without saying, but Max is very dear to me.

Most of you know Max’s story but each year we have some newcomers that I feel need to hear “the rest of the story”. I wrote this piece several years ago. I think once you see it you will appreciate even more why this particular dog who is “Half a dog tall and a dog and a half long” is so special to all of us!


Jailhouse to the Penthouse- The Life and Times of Maximus Relaximus

My story actually began almost 4 years ago. However, the first year and a half are just a blur. I can’t even remember why but back in January of 2008 I found myself incarcerated in the Douglas County Dog Pound. I’m not even sure why I was locked up or what I had done. All I remember is that I was very cold, very ill and very miserable. If you have ever spent a night behind bars you know what I mean. There I was, surrounded by barking, growling and slobbering stench by night and dead dogs walking by day. It was enough to make anyone sick.

Day after day I hoped for someone to spring me from this dungeon of dogs. One minute I was chilling and the next minute I was hot as fire. If I were not a Canine I would have sworn that I had a case of the Swine flu. Occasionally I noticed that some of my friends were being rescued. Once in a while the older guys would be taken out for a walk but for some reason or another I never saw them return. I knew I couldn’t give up but who in the world would rescue a very sick dog who was “half a dog tall and a dog and a half long?”

Finally a pleasant lady came in one day and after some paperwork and a monetary exchange she picked me up and took me to her husband’s truck. They seemed nice enough but they had no idea that I was very sick. In fact, I was sick as a dog. For the next several weeks I was either in the hospital or resting on the nice woman’s lap.


After about three weeks and $1700 in Vet bills I began to feel better. I soon got my short legs back and I was up to speed and running once again. So here I was, well again, less than two years old and in a new home. But (change of direction) after being through so much I couldn’t help but wonder. What did fate hold for me now? Would I just be a common cur or was there something special in my future? I enquired about my fate one day to the tall and pleasant old man that I first met in the truck. I said, “Sir, can you tell me what the cards have in store for me?” He simply replied….”I thought you’d never ask……..”

It all seemed to happen so fast! One minute I was in the jailhouse and the next minute I was in the penthouse!!! One day I’m resting on a cold & nasty wire floor and the next minute I’m sleeping in a King Sized Bed!!!! My original name was simply “Max”. I had never even been online until I met this tall grey haired man.



I knew absolutely nothing about High Speed Internet. This man that I mentioned soon began to take me on trips in his truck. Most of the trips centered on an activity that he called “Carpin”. He had some great friends who would slip me bacon from their breakfast and pieces of sandwich from their lunch from time to time. After a time I began to like the tall man who I found out later was a “Captain” of sorts. I also found out that we shared a passion for Honey Buns and occasionally he would pinch off a piece of his and slide it down to me with his large gentle hands.

Each time we would go Carpin’ I would rest. Occasionally when a fish was caught I’d get up to check it out. When I did these things he would take my picture. Soon I began to see the routine. Sleep until a fish is caught and then get up and investigate when one was brought to the landing mat. In almost no time I had this Carpin’ thing licked!!!!




I love this country! Only in America can a four legged low slung, good for nothing hound go from rags to riches!! It is indeed a Cinderella Story and I have enjoyed every chapter! I’ve had my ears scratched by some of the best in the business!! I have grown to love the Captain and the Crew and they have adopted me as their very own. I am no longer just plain “Max”. Through our adventures I have risen to worldwide fame. Hollywood fame often results in a Hollywood name. Because of my amazing experience I am now known from Sea to shining Sea as Maximus Relaximus…The Ultimate Carp Hound!



Every good story has a moral. Perhaps you find yourself locked up in a world of your own. You seem ill and defeated. Maybe you are lonely and in need of a friend to just scratch you ears with a word of kindness or encouragement. Now I “ain’t nothin’ but a Hound Dog” but I do know how my life was changed. You may not make it to the penthouse but I know something that will make you feel better. There is nothing quite like the sharing of food, fun and fellowship to teach an old dog new tricks. Want to know more? Then why not come see us sometime? Where will you find us? Quite often you will find us right here, in the Captain’s Corner.

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:happy birthday::toot::toot::party0012icon: Although he can't see this , happy b day to fishings most reknowned pooch .

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even parts of Alabama

Is that considered a foreign country? j/k

Happy birthday to Max. It is real easy to become attached to a dog. We lost our dog, Lucky, about a year ago and I still haven't gotten over it. But now we have two little doggies that are mostly Chihuahua. Ol' Captain, I know how you and Ramona are attached to Max. Cake & ice cream Friday????? :toot::happy birthday:

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Have a good one Max! Are you going to take him fishing, Horace?

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Max -- just don't try licking the candles out!!!!!! Many happy returns.

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