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Well since nothing else has been said definitively cancelling or not cancelling tomarrow's fish-in I am assuming that it is not canceled. Either way I will be there tomarrow along with quite a few others. The list of people who have said they will be there is as follows








-Brian P




As for food I was thinking we could just go with the old stand by of Hot dogs and Brats, if any one else has anything for the grill it will be more than welcomed. I have talked to a few people and this is what is covered so far.

-Drew: Grill, Dogs, Drinks

-Brian: Grill

-Austin: Dogs and brats

-Nick: Buns

If anyone would like to help out and bring anything it is much appreciated, I know its kinda late for all this guys but better late than not at all. Either way im glad we will be getting together tomarrow and I look forward to seeing you all there!

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Brian you didn't see the rollcall? I ask for food no one respond to it.

Yes Daniel, I did see the roll call, in fact I believe I was the one responding to it several times with the list of who was coming. On the first line of the roll call it clearly states "So after talking to few people the fish-in MIGHT be happening." That is not a definitive answer. No one is going to change their plans, or adjust their schedule for something that might be happening. I took it upon myself to get ahold of the people who needed to be contacted, and put this fish-in together. I did not have to do that, but I did because I sincerely wanted to see this fish-in go smoothly. Honestly, when it comes right down to it, if it were not for me talking people into coming to this thing you would have at least 7 less people showing up, and it would have been canceled due to lack of participation just like the last one. So, next time, instead of leaving unproductive comments on a topic put together to try and help this group, you could show some thanks. :)

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It was great meeting everyone today in Saline. I didn't get a bite, but the weather was wonderful. We lucked out and got a nice spot in the shade. I guess the carp didn't like shade today. :-)

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