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First Fishing Folly - that's all, folks...

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I meant to post this for a while, but somehow had troubles to make me do it... Still, I am clear in my mind. Ten years of sending a bunch of crazy carp anglers to fish on Jan 1st, this was an extraordinary run, but good things come to an end, and I do NOT plan to organize the FFF 2014, sorry...

As much as this event came with fantastic memories and went way beyond our wildest expectations, as much as I recognize that some of you are very attached to the event, well, I just no longer have it in me to put the long hours of seeking sponsors & prizes, of tracking registrations and results and statistics, and doing all the cheerleading & logistical moves to make things happen.

I also would be glad to be finally able to take a true week of vacations between Christmas and New Years Eve, go somewhere exotic with the family, and have a 'normal' New Years Day, staying warm and sleeping late. Finally, somehow I think the event ran its course, and we really got most out of it, and I'd rather leave it on a good note, with a "10 years" amazing anniversary, and the really cool stories from last time - including the fantail koi!!

So... if somebody is crazy enough to take over, I'll definitely help the new fool-in-chief and explain how I was proceeding, share my Excel sheet and so on. Beware, this is quite some work... Otherwise, if nobody is interested, then let's just be happy that we did the impossible, that we caught so many carp on Jan 1st, and let's try to 'think different' and figure out another impossible fishing dream to go after...



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