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2012 - Willem van Schalkwyk

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"Some of us have named Willem the Octopus for being involved with so many tasks and projects at once. He has been the backbone of this administration and an absolute pleasure to work with. To list a few of his accomplishments here goes: He built the CCC website, the ATC website, revamp and upkeep of the CAG forum, the integration of the old CAG database and forum into one saving the club annually over $1000, he handles putting together and sending out the new member packets, is the appointed Election official for the CAG presidential elections, was responsible for updating the ATC and CCC leader boards with live updates, he handles the CAG Facebook account and has introduced the hit series of photo albums called through the eyes of a carp angler. He is also responsible for countless other tasks and for all this I have selected Willem to be our 2012 Champion of the Queen Award recipient!" (Andy Sprinkle - 2012 CCC Plenary Meeting)



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