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There have been many, many memorable times at this CAG event,,,,,,,

I remember when Andrew nailed a CORMORANT with a method ball, too cool,,,,got the bird in mid flight..... :) ( no picture available , except the one in my mind)

Or when our CAG president fished at the DOG SWIM and got his gear peed on,,,, :)post-710-0-39127400-1385148016.jpg

It always pays to read the signs :) :)

Or the time I conned a couple of gals at the pool to pose with the CAG banner :)post-710-0-50126400-1385148134.jpg

and not to mention the GREAT captures by a couple of MICHIGAN upstarts :)post-710-0-59967700-1385148280.jpg

or the great Husband & wife doubles-- post-710-0-77086500-1385148389_thumb.jpg

Or pictures that I'm holding to get some "BRIBE" money for :)post-710-0-14453200-1385148786_thumb.jpg

so if you've got some pictures or stories start posting them here !!

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The bite wasn't as great as usual at The Rocks peg in 2012. Windy City Carpers (Tracy Jourdan and myself) drew it the first day, and we managed three fish that counted. The eventual 2012 ATC champions drew it the second day. They held on for the victory, but The Rocks didn't help them much.

Tracy's first fish was a 37 pounder, BUT it was the wrong variety--a grasser. A Texas DNR official had told us the evening before the event to hold the grassers for DNR study. However, when we heard the fish would have to be destroyed, the grass carp somehow "slipped" out of our keep sack and swam away. ;)

In addition to our three commons and a grasser that day, we both caught a case of poison oak, so be careful if you draw The Rocks. On the second day, we drew one of those swims with the buoys, and the boundary ropes, and the rowers. Needless to say, we blanked. Good luck in 2014.--Frank




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Here are a few of my more memorable photos from my only ATC which was last year in which we were lucky enough to place 1st!

34lb 2oz from the Gazebo which the time was a new PB!


My Dads current PB From First Street at 37lb 2oz!


My Current PB Buff from Gazebo at 36lb


Another 30+ from Gazebo Day 1


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here is one from 2012. my partner Cory got a screaming run towards the end of the second day. A great hookset!!! This was his second coot of the day. the first wasn't hooked but instead was drug through the water holding onto the bait and let go when i reached down to unhook him.


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Here are some pictures of Austin's and my first time at the ATC which was last year, and placing in 2nd place. Showing the joy and memorable fish and memorable time there. cant wait to come back!

First day was at Red Bud

fighting my current PB common, which was also my first fish of the ATC:34lb



one of Austin's on the first day


this muscle packed common took me while to bring in:25lb (sorry for the weird face)


second day at Gazebo

we had a double header, Austin fighting one to more of the right of me, and me netting one


now me helping Austin with his fish


I believe this is austins first fish of day two at the ATC


my first fish of day two at the ATC:27lb


Austin with his first broken PB of the day with this fish, I believe it was 32lb


just about to net Austin's PB buffalo at a massive 48lbs



getting ready to net Austin's second broken PB common of the day with his current PB today at 37lb



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