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A quick reminder to all that Sunday 8th December 2013 is the final event of the WCC of Austin monthly series.

We will meet and draw for partners and swims at the I35 bridge. Draw time is 6:30 am, fishing from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Each angler will draw a chip from the bag. Chips are paired together and the nuymber of the chip will determine the order of the walk off. Pairs must decide on their pegged area together and decide where in the peg each would like to fish. Rock, Paper, Scissors in case of any issues at the swim. In the case of an odd number of anglers attending there will be one solo number in the bag (it will be the last number), the angler drawing this number will have to ensure that they fish near to one of the pairs to ensure that his or her fish are weighed/witnessed by another angler. There are plenty of locations that three anglers can be close enough that this can happen.

Anywhere on Ladybird Lake is open to fish but be aware that lots of swims are currently overgrown so you may need to beat down some of the growth to fish some spots. The lake is currently fishing very well with multiple fish being caught on a daily basis.

Come and join us and enjoy some end of year sport on Ladybird Lake.

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