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8Th Annual Michigan Gear Swap, Fundraiser, Meet&Greet and Dinner

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Hello All,
2014 will mark the 8th annual event hosted by myself and Nikki from our home.

Saturday March 1st starting at 10am

This year from 10-11:30 we will have the meet and greet and any gear swapping that may interest you all. Be sure to bring items for trade or sell.

At 11:30ish we will go over our calendar of events and vote on the final dates and venue locations.

Following the event calendar we will conduct any other order of business such as programs, voting topics and any news of importance in the carp world.

After all orders of business we'll jump right into the Fundraiser raffle. For those of you not aware of how this works it goes like this:

For everyone that is coming, I kindly ask that you bring along a donation for the raffle table. this can be anything used or new that another sportsman may have a use for. i will then conduct the raffle. I'll select an item and announce who it's from and an estimated value, eveyone can then buy tickets for this item at $1 per ticket, no limit. After all ticket sales for that item are done we will selct a winning ticket and then procede to the next item, and so on and on.

We may have a few bigger ticket items where tickets will be a higher dollar amount.

The proceeds we raise from this event will go towards whatever we vote on prior to the raffle. Last year everyone in attendance got a CAG membership, we bought the gold pins to be used as the big fish award at our events, purchased raffle items for events, food/drink for events, items for this event to be raffled off, and the rest we rolled over into savings for the next year.

After the raffle, It's time to chow down. I am usure at this moment if I will be able to do the traditional curry and am leaning towards asking everyone that is able to, to bring something exotic, like fish or wild game. I think that would be awesome. We will of course be able to have some pizza ordered too.

Please let me know if you can or cannot make it.

Mark the date and read up on years past. smile.gif Please help me spread the word by calling, emailing, pming, facebooking all the Michigan carpers!!

Started in 2007:

2008 2nd annual event:

2009 3rd annual event:

2010 4th annual event:

2011 5th annual event:

2012 6th annual event:

2013 7th annual event:

List of attendees:

  • Andy
  • Nikki
  • Mark P.
  • Brian D.
  • Nik Williams
  • Austin
  • Brendan
  • Brian P.
  • Amos
  • Paige
  • Bill
  • Daniel
  • Lil Drew
  • Brian S.
  • Mark
  • Kev
  • Dru Daddy
  • Tree
  • Trevor
  • guest of Mark P.
  • Tom D.
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Thanks for the interest Brian,

Use my zip code....48386, White Lake

From Traverse City in fair weather conditions and going the speed limit, your likely looking at 3 hours 30 minutes-3 hours 50 minutes. A little fast and 3 hours 10-20 minutes is likely...

Would love to have ya and if it is a possibility, maybe you and Robert can get together and car pool?

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Hi Guys looking forward to seeing you all again , been a few years for me at this great annual event . Be great to catch up with some old faces and finally meet some new ones . Winter has been long and hard up here and so has work, so excuse me if you don't see me on the forum for the next few weeks while our busy work period comes to and end. Then I can start to concentrate on my fishing, and the job in hand as state chair. I am hoping 2014 will be Michigan's best year for the many talented carp anglers we have out there.

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