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Sign up for State Chair Freakin Cool Hoodies Pre-orders


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Hello Gents,

Please sign up if you would like to receive a Freakin Cool State Chair Hoodie. We will need your full name, state you represent, mailing address and the size of the Hoodie you would like,I also need to know if you want a zip up hoodie, or a pull over hoodie with big front pocket.

Thanks again for all you guys do and plan to do this year!!

All the best,

Andy Sprinkle

CAG President

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Here are the following State Chairs whom submitted their info for their Hoodie. There are still 10 State Chairs whom have not responded to this request. Your going to miss out! If you don't see your name on this list, then get a hold of me ASAP

John Finney

Iain Sorrell

Ed Wagner

Carl Gardner

Robert Mallgren

Mark lowrie

Joe Carter

Dave Pickering

Chris Bell

mark metzger

Craig Parkes

Jathan Imhausen

Jacob Malek

David Burton

Doug Kindt

Iain Murray

Derek Wunder

Tracy Jourdan

Lukas Medvecky

Bob Bernowski

Mark Maher

Frank Heater

Lorne Morley

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I see this is two yeas old..but it never hurts to try seeing that it's pinned.

Clayton Lothrop

Texas (North Texas)

3505 Pinot Drive

Argyle, TX 76226

Medium - Pull over w/ pockets.


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