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Please use the event Calendar for all fish-ins and events

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Hello All,

If your hosting a tourney, fish-in or social, please use the CAG Calendar for all planned fish-ins and events going on this year.

Please include a link to any thread you have with information on the event.

Also, please add what state your event will be hosted in.

Click here to add your event:


Thank you and all the best to you and your event,


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Do you think there would be any value in having a standard in the way the events are listed on the Calendar? Maybe something like "State - Location/Name of event." This could make it easier for people to find events that are in their state or neighboring states without having to go into the event description.

Ohio - Cowan Lake

Michigan - CAG Midwest Regional

Something like that

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I know this is just getting started, It would probably be good to have the CAG events on there or any other well known events to avoid conflicts in scheduling and also better turn outs.

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Hey guys hope all is well. Any future fish ins planned in tx next month? I do not see anything on the calendar. Just would like to see fish ins posted in advance to plan accordingly. I know it's often posted on facebook but I sometimes miss the posts or see them with little time to schedule off, get babysitters, coordinate rides, dog sitters, etc. I realize there are times when last minute plans happen. Thanks for the time.

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