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First, all those traveling, be careful and drive safely...

The social will be outside my cassita, or if weather is bad, inside the cassita...there are two other groups in the hotel that night,,,,,a senior dominoe tourney :) and the Austin Womens Democratic Club,,,,

no corn at the Social, for the past 3 years we have purchased corn, and it went to waste,,,

Soda and Wings and Pizza will be at Social,,,,,want beer you can get it at the bar,,,,no glass around the pool area please !!!

Watch the Local weather, so you dress accordingly

One bucket per team, it will have all the goodies for the team in the one bucket,,,,

Shirts can be picked up at the Social ( and Paid for )

Extra Banquet tickets will be ready for your purchase,,,,I will only have those for those that have reserved prior to closing of the date,

Willem will once again go over how to use the Leader Board,,,,done at the peg draw on Friday AM

I will get your teams contact phone number at the Social or the peg draw,,,just in case for some reason we need to get out a mass message to everyone,,,

Lunch will be delivered to you on Friday,,,,,Saturday you will be on your own,,,,,,

Please DO NOT forget you fishing license,,,,that could be costly !!

There is a Walmart near by, so you pick up a chair if you are not bringing one !

LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL THERE !!!! any questions, put them on this thread, either I or one of the ACA guys will respond to you !

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Get those seniors out with the Hooters girls, it'd be a breath of fresh air for them - playing domino's with pizza slices!! Looking forward to being baffled by science with leaderboard instructions. Heck no -- I'll just stick with the Hooters!

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got one lined up just for you Brid


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OK KIDS,,,,,,,everything is all set on this end,,,,,, :) so here's a check list for you :blush:

1) Securely packed rods ??

2) Fresh or trustworthy line on the reels ?

3) reels in good order ( lubed, check the drags etc)

4) Texas Fishing license

5) Stuff for pack, method or whatever ??

6) Sharpened hooks

7) Stuff for Chum ( no corn this year at the Social :( )

8) chair, or something to sit on or sleep on, depending on the swim :)

9) Bull Chit repellant

10) Cell phone to do leaderboard ( charged would help)

11) CASH for the pots

12) your bait of choice and a few back ups just in case the TEXAS fish think your home bait SUCKS

13) Suitable landing net

14) one scale ( to be verified at the Thursday social) per team

15) tape measure ( we measure fish for Parks and Wildlife)

16) a package of dehydrated CROW just in case you have to eat it :)

17) Sunscreen ( never know)

18) your sense of humour

19) Money (CASH) for shirts & extra Banquet tickets

20) Landing mat & keep sack ( just in case the Marshalls take a few minutes to get to you at a remote swim)

This time, 2 weeks from now you should have you peg location,,,,,,,GOOD LUCK !!!!

Edited by Neil Stern

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