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2014 Records & All Time Records Update!

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I am going to be helping out with the yearly records and the all time records. I feel that keeping records are very important to the club and it also allows us to show off what we do when it comes to different fishery departments or individuals we are trying to promote the sport to. In years past these were simply biggest common and biggest mirror carp. It will now be changed to the biggest common and biggest mirror but we will show a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both categories. Also the all time records will be having the same features. I feel as a group this will make it fun and also encourage more catches on the forum to be displayed and more stories associated with the catch. Again this is for fun and no prizes are up for grabs.

Anglers may post up the information which I am requesting below. Each Region will have a pinned post like this that you can add your catch to. I will then update the spreadsheet listed below and then finally the overall record when I have time. Next winter I will update the all time records.

State chairs and event organizers if you get permission from your attendees and would like to post records caught on their behalf please do so.

Below is the criteria for what information I will need so we can keep these accurate.

1. I need to know your first and last name and of course by you posting it I will have it spelled correctly.

2. I need the weight in pounds and ounces.

3. I need a clear picture of the fish.

4. If you posted a thread about your catch please include a link to it so I can add it to the record.

5. Location is optional and please respect others when posting locations.

6. If you had a witness please list them.

7. Please post what state you are from. If the fish was caught in a different state place specify where so I can place the record in the correct state caught.

8 Not required but this will make my life easier please post below the appropriate region. Each region will have a pinned post and I will check regularly.

Please PM me if you need any help or assistance!










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